Ploy, Clearwater

Nestled in Damansara Heights amidst the office buildings is a gem named Ploy. A lovely and cozy restaurant with what I will term as healthy, wholesome and playful dishes drawing inspiration from Japanese and Thai cuisine. I case you are wondering, the name Ploy means gem in Thai. 

This spacious and naturally well lighted eatery made the place very inviting. Well designed without being too empty or too cluttered, there is a certain zen feel to the place. Exploring the space while our food was being prepared (very prompt service I must add), Ploy will make the perfect place for business lunches,  happy hours, dinners and even events!

Lunch kicks off with salads. Each of the salad are wholesome, fresh and colourful. Definitely a healthy approach to salads without being laden with unnecessary sauces. Instead each salad is a clever recipe of various textures and natural flavours from the ingredients itself. The use of ripe and creamy avocado is applauded!
Golden Needle Salad RM15
Tofu, avocado, broccoli, and wafu dressing topped with deep fried needle mushroom that gives this salad an extra bite.
Tuna Wakame Salad RM 23 
Definitely a no surprise that this is my fave salad. Chunky tuna and avocado cubes with sesame in shoyu dressing. 

Ploy is a lovely place to indulge in carbs! Each dish is again a master piece of flavours and colours. Most importantly, we are looking at healthy calories in each dish. And yes...let's not forget the very interesting names too like Godfather Special and Pasta from Heaven.
The Godfather Special RM22
 This is totally irresistible even though I meant to stay off rice on the day we visited Ploy. Fluffy Japanese rice with a generous topping of salmon, ikura, avocado, nori, royu and tempura flakes. Mix it well before you take a bite and you will get a burst of flavours from the tempura flakes and salmon roe.  Needless to say, I pretty much wiped this off once my lunch mates were done with their tasting:P
Pasta from Heaven RM 28 
Perfectly and accurately named, this preparation of pasta is one of my fave preparations at home ever since I tasted it during the Chef and Cuisines held at Samplings on the Fourteenth (click to read more) 
The added touch of sakura ebi to the angel hair pasta, flying fish roe and truffle oil was certainly a notch up from the one that I was accustomed to whipping out at home. Ploy deserves brownie points for being generous with the truflle oil! Slurp!
Smoked Duck Breast with Chicken Ham Pizza RM28
Light thin crust pizza topped with avocado sauce, lots of chicken ham and totally tasty smoked duck breast. And live gets even better with a toss of flying fish roe. BTW...its called ployzas not pizzas! A lovely meal on its own or even for happy hours to go down with cold beer!
Crab in Wrap RM28
Not a maki person but this gets my 2 thumbs up. Hang on...I also borrow the hubster's and Monica's thumbs too! Soft shell crab, avocado, spicy kani, mango and rice makes this an addictive roll. Once you start, its hard to resist the second slice or the whole roll! A whole assortment of flavours that compliment each other in each bite - sweet, salty, tangy and spicy.

Appetizers make good nibbles during yumcha sessions:D Here Ploy does a mix job. While each dish looks delightfully pretty and appetizing, taste factor isn't quite there for all the 3 items we tasted.
 Kabocha Tempura RM8.50
 Pumpkin tempura with sinfully good salted egg yolk. So good that none pumpkin loving folks will probably be happily munching these savoury golden crunchy delights which are soft and sweet inside.
Tempura Surprise RM15
 Seabass wrapped in oba leaf and then deepfried. Tasty but there was something to the whole works that was not memorable. 
Magic Puff RM32
Interesting name of Magic Puff with home made crispy pastry, goat cheese, truffle oil and wild rocket. The truffle oil and goat cheese were delightful but that's only when one bites into the middle part of the puff. For petite folks like me, I need 3 bites which means I start and end my magic puff on mere puff pastry unless I take the effort to spread the cheese all over the top of my pastry.

Cocktails, mockails and ice cream! Ploy whips them up perfectly!  Brilliant colours, vibrant flavours... you will be asking for more!
Mocktails RM16 each
Lychee Mint Cooler
Frozen Strawberry Iced Tea 
Tropic Thunder
Pardon My Pandan RM26 - Captain Morgan's rum, sour rhubarb, lychee, cucumber chunks, lime and home made gula Melaka served in a martini glass.
Sparkling Ployground RM31 - Absolut Peach vodka, mixed berries, cassis, lime juice and mint leaves finished with Prosecco.
A reminder of my lab days...but these are tastier! Nitrogen ice cream churned out when you are ready. Choose you flavour and your creamy ice cream will be whipped out freshly in a while. The sig for durian is all too true. Its so potent that I could smell it 10 feet before it reached us at our table. Because I am not quite the durian lover, I actually made a run out of the room. The husbter however stayed on and savoured the ice cream with Polly and sadly totally forgot to snap a picture before they devoured the durian ice cream:P
Coffee is simple but potent. I skipped my after meal coffee thanx to this brilliant ice cream.
Rum and Raisin is too good. The best in town actually!

Food is good. The mood is set right for meals and even lil discussions / meetings. Service is friendly and prompt. No wonder I have been returning for a few lunch meetings at Ploy. 
G-02 Changkat Semantan
Off Jalan Semantan
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2095 9189

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