Sharing The Dream Of Malaysian Children

Each of us is different. ‘Children’, follows the lives of four individuals of different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds of 4 different Malaysians. We may all see each other as different but reality is we each share one similar hope, dream and aspiration. We seek unity, harmony, mutual respect and tolerance in Malaysia. 

PETRONAS in celebrating Merdeka and Malaysia Day 2013 has launched the “Children” TVC. Catch the TVC as well as its longer web film version and webisodes on the official PETRONAS YouTube channel. A poignant story of a postman, a farmer, a sundry shopkeeper and a rattan gatherer that very simply spells the similarity of what Malaysians seek.

And as part of its Merdeka and Malaysia Day 2013 Campaign celebrations, PETRONAS is also distributing a limited edition environment-friendly nylon bags at its selected service stations nationwide between 31 August and 16 September 2013. All you need to do is to swipe your Kad Mesra with a minimum of 20 Mesra points in a single receipt at any PETRONAS Station and you can redeem this bag.

Happy National Day folks!

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