Szechuan Delights and Mooncakes @ Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel

Starting off a meal on a hot, spicy and pungent note followed by deliciously sweet mooncakes. That is what I call bliss! Dinner was such last Friday at Zuan Yuan @ One World Hotel. Mouthwatering Szechuan dishes and mooncakes because its mid autumn!

Its one whole month of delicious Szechuan food happening today until 30th September 2013. Expect bold and spicy dishes. A lil bit of numbing too from the unmistakable Sichuan peppercorn. Note that the potency of the Szechuan dishes have been adjusted to suit local tastebuds buts its still a good meal. If you prefer it more fiery like I do then do inform the waiter or waitress who is taking your order:D 

Prices of the Szechuan menu starts from RM10++ per dish and is available for lunch and dinner. Here's some of the dishes that we savoured.
Hot and Sour Soup Szechuan Style with Dumpling (RM14 per portion) was the perfect start to dinner. Piping hot and appetizing! Love the dumpling generously stuffed with prawns.
Can't have enough of the silky tofu!
Chilled Szechuan "Ma La" Chicken RM16. Love the texture of the chicken and the extra bite from the sesame seed.
Wok Fried Chinese Cabbage with Black Bean RM18 is not the prettiest dish but certainly extra tasty because of the fragrant and salty black beans. Strange but I was craving plain white porridge to go with this dish.
Wok Fried Prawn with Fiery Hot Szechuan Sauce RM43 is one of our faves for the night. Love the sweetness of the crunchy onions that adds a nice bite and flavour to the prawns. Eating it with the paprika will give the much desired extra kick if you things hot and spicy:D
Wok Fried Chicken with Dried Chili Szechuan Peppercorn RM28 is addictive....perhaps because of the peanuts in it?
Szechuan "Dan Dan" Noodle RM10 is  a tad similar to our kueh teow but smoother.  Mild tasting but certainly very appetizing. Loved the broth and happily slurp it all up.

And desserts is of course mooncakes. I must say it was a nice welcome for Charmaine whose tongue was on fire after the Szechuan dinner. Mooncakes are available for dine in and takeaway @ RM12++ each. Purchases of 4 or 8 mooncakes entitles you to beautiful gift boxes. Hurry...the mooncake promotion ends on 19 September 2013.
Supreme Mixed Nuts and Chicken Ham RM21 is a classic must have. Even though its all nuts, this mooncake is not too heavy thanks to the very refreshing orange peel (kam pei)
White Lotus Paste RM18 is highly recommended if you love white lotus paste.
Pandan Lotus Paste RM18 comes in a very lovely jade green that I think will thrill the older folks.
Salted White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk RM20 as an alternative to the usual baked ones with white lotus.
Mini Golden Butter Milk and Coconut Milk Paste RM10 is well liked by my dining companions though personally the combination of butter milk and coconut was tad overwhelming for me. Perhaps its because I am not a coconut milk fan:P
Seaweed Lotus Paste with Single Yolk RM20 is a very interesting and healthy option. In fact this is my very first time tasting mooncakes with seaweed in it.
Mini Multi Grains Lotus Paste RM10 is totally healthy. Love the lovely bite from the multi grains. Not as tough on the jaw compared to the Supreme Mixed Nuts and Chicken ham but its still some good bite:D

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