Thor: The Dark World

Remember Jane Foster in Thor? Yes, I'm sure most of us do. We always wondered whatever happened of her since Thor (2011) and the only brief mention of her (character) in The Avengers. Wonder no more as she's back in Thor: The Dark World which is set a year after the events in New York (The Avengers Assemble).

Shell FuelSave Tips

Save fuel and win RM20,000? That's precisely what Amirul Fadzil did at the Shell Fuel Challenge 2013 recently. Amirul has risen to the challenge and proven that saving fuel isn't such a tough task after all. 

Triumphant Amirul Fadzil successfully clocked in 23.48 kilometres on one litre of Shell FuelSave 95. All he did was to practice simple Shell FuelSave Tips which we pretty much know them but certainly fail to practice it. Interestingly, one should take note that the fuel saving tips aren't just about saving money with fuel efficiency but it also ensures a safer drive.

I have shared a couple of pointers on Instagram some weeks back...and here's more!
• Keeping our car engine in proper condition with the right engine oil and regularly servicing the engine according to manufacturer's recommendations ensure that our car is at optimum condition for our drives.
Keep your tyres at the right pressure. Correctly inflated tyres are safer and last longer. A tyre that is under inflated can reduce fuel economy. An under or over inflated tyre is also more susceptible to accidents because the tyres will not grip on the road well. So its just a simple thing that I recommend, check your tyre pressure when you refuel!
Drive smoothly. What is the point with hard driving by accelerating and then hitting the brake shard suddenly? Its definitely more effort to move a stationary position. So why not drive at a consistent speed so you can gradually slow your vehicle.  
How many of you are guilty of driving your home on 4 wheels? Remove the unnecessary things from your car such as that 8 pairs of shoes, the rarely used golf set, old magazines and newspapers etc. Removing the unnecessary or rarely used items will lighten your car and ensure greater fuel efficiency. So remember to declutter your car too!
Use cruise control. Using cruise control on major roads helps you maintain a constant speed and, in many cases, will improve fuel consumption.
Plan your trips carefully and avoid the rush hour . Cutting down on the time spent in the car is the easiest way to conserve fuel. To reduce driving time, combine all your short trips and errands into a single journey. 
Use air conditioning sparingly. Air conditioning puts added strain on the engine and uses fuel to operate, so limit use to particularly hot days. There is no point keeping your  air conditioning running too cold and wrapping yourself up in winter wear:P
Avoid high speeds. The faster you go the more wind resistance you’ll encounter and the more fuel your vehicle will consume just to maintain speed. 

Those are simple tips and common sense that will turn you from fuel spenders to fuel savers. So make a change to your driving lifestyle starting with a switch to Shell FuelSave 95 and incorporating some of the above tips! Do share with me your fuel saving tips too!

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The Hard Hat Tour

Its a tour with a view, gorgeous people and a gorgeous view. Hard hats required like those of Phua Chu Kang yet we can still be prettily dressed. And that's how I spent my Saturday having a sneak preview of The Roof @ 1 First Avenue.

Snow White with MIVVA

MIVVA October packs yet another boxful of surprises. While I unboxed, my new intern watched me intently. Apparently he finds it amazing (and is a tad jealous) that girls have so much fun unboxing beauty box subscriptions. What caught my surprise was he said "Hey! Its full sized items and not just travel sizes!" Well, that's what in stored in my MIVVA October box of goodies.

Beautymate Bird Nests and Lilium Candidum Firming Rejuvenate Nano Mask 1 pc - Full size RM49.90 for 7pcs
Lovely! This is one of my fave and affordable brands for sheet mask. Luxurious ingredient Thai bird’s nests to restore and nourish skin. Birds nests is also famed for its ability to revitalize dull skin and accelerate cell metabolism resulting in younger looking skin. Coupled with Swiftlet Nest Extract, Soluble Collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate, each use will moisturize the skin resulting in more elastic skin.
Secretleaf Argan Hydrating Cleanser RM21.90 for 95ml
Full sized product is definitely a good deal! Am totally loving this gentle facial cleanser that does a good job in deep cleansing the face while leaving it moisturized. Active ingredients of luxurious organic argan oil and marine seaweed extract also protects the skin from harsh external pollutants. Pea size mixed with water gives a little foam but cleanses well because this cleanser is formulated to be free from sulphate, PEG and paraben. 
Unico Pearl Scar Cream RM198.80 7g - full size 15g for RM198.80
Working out the maths, this 7g bottle is worth RM92.80! Based on traditional recipes of pearl for fair skin, Unico Pearl Scar Cream is a unique rewhitening formula that combines active ingredients and technology to reveal a luminous complexion. The cream is almost skin tone so for those who have scars, this is a concealer to hide the dark spots, acne scars, open pores and pimple marks while treating it. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way to give a pearlfect and glowy complexion!
ONL Ecopure White Balance Skin Toner and Emulsion 5ml - Full size RM89.90 for 120ml each
A growing best seller for Somang Danahan, Ecopure range hydrates and whitens the skin with mild ingredients such as nopal cactus and an aqua holder complex. I have not used it but am looking forward to using it for its whitening and hydration benefits when I hop off for my cycling getaway for the next 5 days:D
ONL Oceaniq 3D Anti Wrinkle Total Solution CC 3ml - Full size RM149.90 for 35ml
CC cream! I confess that having heard all the CC Cream benefits, this is my very first time using CC cream. For the uninitiated, CC cream combines skin care and makeup into one product. ONL Oceaniq is a solution for lazy and always in a hurry folks like me who need a toner, essence, lotion, primer and BB cream coverage in one product.  
Hydra 24 Cracked Heel Cream 10mg - full size RM23.90 for 50g
Say no to the ugly sight of dry heels. Hydra 24 offers 100% plant derived ingredients to ensure instant and long lasting hydration on both the surface and under the skin. This bio-based natural heel moisturizer is light, oil free and enriched with anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant ingredients. 

While some may exclaim only 6 products in this month's of MIVVA box, I can only say its 6 very amazing products with a a subscription of only RM38 per box. In a case of dollars and cents, its certainly very worth it with a full sized Secretleaf Argan hydrating cleanser, one piece of Beauty Mate face mask and that small jar of precious Unico Pearl Scar Cream.

My thoughts on MIVVA is that it is certainly selecting interesting and good products for its monthly themes. Keep up the good work! And if you are keen to subscribe for yourself or even your loved ones then head on to Alternatively check out what other happy Mivva users have to say too at

I need to repeat... when you review the products on MIVVA's site, you will earn points that can be converted to a FREE MIVVA box! So hurry on over!!!

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Shine a Light on Style @ Pavilion KL

Deepavali is round the corner! And this is the season with lots of lights and bright colours. This Festival of Lights swing by to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Feast your senses on a kaleidoscope of colours and cultures.

Vivid multi-coloured lanterns line the Bukit Bintang Entrance, warmly inviting and welcoming all visitors. Within the mall, there are four unique kolams, featuring a fusion of fashion style, luxurious scents, delectable sweets and fragrant spices are set to entice and provide visitors a glimpse into the diversity and rich Indian heritage. 
And come Deepavli on 3rd November, there will be cultural performances and contemporary Indian dances held at the Bukit Bintang Entrance of Pavilion KL at 3pm. Join the fun! Sing and groove along to celebrate Deepavali!

Shoppers alert! When you spend a minimum of RM300 at any of the speciality stores in Pavilion KL, you will be entitled to receive a complimentary exclusive Gift of Style from now till 3rd November 2013.

For more information:

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Neubodi Active Fit

Its all about the right fit even when we are geared for our workouts. Certainly not looking forward to be part of the 80% of women who wear the wrong bras and the wrong size. Guys! You don't have to stop reading! You can read on and share the information with your loved ones! New additions to my light workouts like walking, gym or cycling now is Neubodi Active Flexi Bra.

Love the light weight material that dries off very well. Soft and seamless it still affords me proper support for my lightweight workouts. Resembling a sports bra, it gives a comfortable hugging fit and minimises the the unsightly bounce that many sports bra do not offer. Nothing technical except a smart design using flexi fit technology to create the flexi-support panels and also the 2-tone elastic support for the shoulder straps, sides and underneath the bust. 

The Neubodi Active Flexi Bra is naturally weaved with the White Bamboo Charcoal nylon for stimulation of blood circulation, extra absorption and ventilation purposes. The micro-holes within the charred bamboo also have an antibacterial function to effectively restrain the growth of bacterial to reduce smell when one sweats.

Unlike many usual sports bras, the Neubodi ones includes breathable sponge. The flat seams are designed to minimise chaffing, something that many of us will experience in some point of our active lifestyles.
• Black and nude colours
• Affordable RM159 in a box of 2 pieces. 
• Wide Shoulder Straps weaved with 2-tone elastic support for a strong hold on the shoulders 
• Smooth seamless cups offer full coverage and support for a three dimensional curvature.
 A flexi-support panel to support the sides and underneath your bust
 Removable, breathable sponge for additional lift and shape.
 Wide reinforced underband for a no roll-up and stay-put fit
 Naturally weaved with premium white bamboo charcoal nylon

And if you are working out, make sure you have the right fit! Grab your Neubodi Active Flexi Bra at any Neubodi boutiques. Do not be shy to get the right fit for your bosom buddies. 

For more information on Neubodi’s new collections and upcoming events check out:

My previous post on my bosom buddies and Neubodi:

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Recipe: Pan Roasted Dry Aged Ribeye

The trend for many primer steak and grill houses these days is to include aged dry cuts. Its tasty. Its yummy but heck we can't be eating out each time we have our steak or meat cravings. So its aged dry ribeye for dinner last night for the hubster and I - home cooked of course. 

And because it was Shalom's 10th birthday as well, the furkid had her own share of the aged dry steak for dinner. 10 years old translates to 70 human year so lavishing on her isn't really too much:P of course her share was sans salt and pepper!
Every bit still a Diva...happy babeday Shalom!

I'm a slave to these paw!

While whipping out regular steaks and ribs has never been much of an issue having learned from AFC's Adrian Richardson (click to learn how to cook the perfect steak), this is my very first time trying to cook aged dry cuts and I didn't want to waste a good piece of meat. 

• 1kg aged dry ribeye (about 1 3/4  thick)
• Salt
• Pepper
• 2 tablespoon butter (I love Lurpack)
• 2 tomatoes
• Dried rosemary

• Rest the meat till it is room temperature (averagely 1.5 hours)
• Heat oven to 200C.
• Heat pan.
• Slice tomato and top with pepper and rosemary. Top with oil (always use oil that are suitable for high temperature cooking e.g red palm oil - available at most good organic shops).
• Wipe meat dry. Sprinkle meat liberally with salt and freshly grounded pepper.
• Place meat on to hot pan. It will sizzle and smoke. Leave it on the same spot for 2 minutes. Do not move the meat!
• Flip meat and brown for another 2 minutes.
• Place the fat side of the meat against the pan for 1 minutes.
• Place tomatoes onto pan and put it into the oven.
• Roast meat and tomatoes for 7 minutes.
• Remove pan from over and back to the stove.
• Add butter followed by dry rosemary.
• For medium rare, baste meat with butter mixture for a minute or two.
• Let meat rest for 6 to 8 minutes before serving.
• Slice meat approximately into 1" slices.
• Pour any juices and pan dripping onto meat before serving. 
Dinner is served. 
The edges of the meat were unfortunately a tad closer to medium but nevertheless juicy and flavourful...the beauty of aged dry meat. Elsewhere, it was medium rare.

If you are going to pop your steak or meat into the oven with the pan, make sure its a cast iron pan! Otherwise just click to learn more about how you can feel how well your steak is done.

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The All New Toyota Vios

The wait is over for Toyota lovers. The all new Toyota Vios has hit the market with its third generation. Caught sight of the Vios last weekend. Must say that she looks all nicely updated in terms of looks. Coupled with Toyota's famed excellent fuel economy and maintenance (I dare vouch for this since there are at least 5 Toyotas in the family at any time for the last 20 years:P). 

Not sure if you have seen the ad…but here it is: 

Think by now you will see that the car is shaped to be more aero dynamic - the side mirrors and the catamaran shaped roof, For the younger folks, this will certainly be a sportier looking Toyota Vios. As for me, it only means that our drive will be cutting through air more efficiently translating to better fuel efficiency. 

5 colours to choose from: 
• Attitude Black 
• Medium Silver Metallic 
• Quartz Brown Metallic (new colour) 
• Silver Metallic 
• White 

Needless to say that I am a tad impartial and will always opt for white (plus its also the TRD Sportivo model). In a glance, I noted that the Toyota Vios now has a sportier look to it. Of course if one opt for the TRD Sportivo then its certainly a more exciting look and feel.  

The 3 dimensional look gives the feel that the ride is larger but it’s actually pretty much the same as previous. Comfort wise, the new Toyota Vios has a more luxurious feel. It has a more spacious cabin (a good point when you have kids or senior citizens sitting in the rear of the car). Apparently the new trunk space allows 4 golf bags to be fitted in. I don't play golf so I can't relate to the job but I translate it to more space for shopping bags:D

Something about the seat belts caught my attention when we viewed the car recently. The new Vios has ISOFIX anchorage points which help with installation of compatible childseats at the rear. A touch of luxury too is the upholstery and colour themes. The sporty TRD Sportivo reminds me of my Spyder with its red and black leather interior. And of course for a more subtle luxury, leather in Ivory colour is definitely a safe bet. 

The husbter however was more impressed with the lightened Toyota Vios. It’s now approximately 10-30kg lighter compared to the previous models. Certainly a good point in view of the rising fuel prices. A lighter car (even by 10kg) makes a difference in your fuel consumption. 

Typically a driver "driver", the hubster commented that the trusted 1NZ-FE 1.5-litre 4-cylinder  DOHC 16-valve engine with electronic fuel-injection (EFI) and VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) technology will certainly be giving the Toyota Vios further fuel efficiency other than from its physical design. And after so many years of driving Toyota vehicles, he believes that once again the Toyota Vios will certainly be favoured by many once again for its fuel efficiency. 

Coupled with a more exciting look and feel, we both think that the Toyota Vios is certainly going to be a hit with the younger drivers too. Being priced between (on-the-road) RM73,200 to RM93,200, it’s a good buy for a 1.5Litre engine non-national car. Being a local assembled model, the Toyota Vios comes with a 3 year / 100,000 km warranty (whichever occurs earlier after first registration). To check out this all new Toyota Vios (and to test drive), make your way to the nearest Toyota showroom or check out the features here: .

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