Macau in a Glance

Spent the long weekend in Macau. My very first trip to Macau and I am totally smitten. 4 days is not enough so the next trip will have to be a longer session to explore this enchanting Peninsular, its people, food, buildings and run a marathon too!

Its a short flight of 3 hours and 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur to Macau. Air Asia flies in 3 times daily, so a weekend trip is even possible! Bring a camera to capture the moments...there is just so much to be seen and experienced in Macau.  And here's a glimpse of my 4 days getaway in Macau!
Boarded my Air Asia flight. A pic of clouds is always a must:D
Pancakes for breakfast on board Air Asia! This is available only if you prebook
Grab your TuneTalk prepaid on the flight. The card is RM30  with RM30 credit value with 7 days  FREE 350MB data access / Blackberry Internet Access (which I cntinued using when I returned to Malaysia)Daily roaming is @ RM38 with unlimited data. Line's good and I am actually still using the number now that I am home. No problems getting a good signal all over Macau and made Instagram updates a breeze!
All you need to do is to put the sim into your phone. And if you are on Android like me, then remember to go to your Access Point and change your APN to "Tune Talk" when you are roaming.
Checked into Sheraton Macao Hotel in Cotel Central. The usual works and Yochana gets comfortable on our bed:D
And say hello to Yochana's new pal Marcus
Candy time! This is one of the many highlights at Sheraton Macau to keep kids entertained if the parents are at the casino. Still no harm for the child in me to indulge in some candilicious ones. 
Lunch at XIN Restaurant in Sheraton Macau is a must if you are in Contai Central. This is certainly one of the best steamboat buffet spread that I have tasted. 
These luscious Iberico char siew and crispy siew yok from the ala carte menu from XIN Restaurant is highly recommended.
The hotels in Cotai Central are sort of linked together. Be sure to catch the energetic Dream Works All Star Parade at Sands Contai Central at 4pm daily.
The House of Dancing Water Show @ The City of Dreams is a must. Grab seats further away from the front unless you don't mind getting wet from the splashing water. This mesmerizing HKD$2 Billion production will leave you totally mesmerized with all the carefully choreographed scenes.
Macau is a gastronomic destination. Dinner at Beijing Kitchen @ Grand Hyatt. Had this very tasty and crispy Beijing duck roasted the old fashion way.
And if one overeats, then shopping is a good way to burn off the calories. And while walking around the malls, I could not resist a selfie shot with foodie CF at one of the many huge mirrors at the City of Dreams.
Alternatively a walk around Cotai Central is also a nice experience:D
I love my runs so each morning I made my rounds around Cotai Central. Do no be surprised to see the locals and also tourists run around this area. In fact, running in Macau is so fun, I am now making plans of running a marathon in Macau in 2014.
Cute Panda pork buns during Shrekfast with the Dreamworks Gang. This Dreamworks themed buffet breakfast had quite a bit of adults compared to kids. Again, I think the kids in all adults reveal themselves rather often in Macau.
Wine lovers will enjoy the Wine Museum. If you love wines, then do sign up for the Portuguese wine tasting session at the musuem.
And if your timing is right, then you may just be enjoying your wine tasting session with an assortment of songs played by this Portuguese guitarist. 
Adjacent to the Wine Museum is the Grand Prix Museum. Petrolheads will certainly be spending quite a bit of time. had it not for a hungry stomach, i would have loved to stay on longer:P
Check out the classics too at the Grand Prix Museum.
A gold lotus! A must visit for some good fortune? This is a gift from the Hong Kong Government.
MGM Water Aurora has an enchanting feel to it. This 8 metres tall aquarium gives one a 360 degree view of the fishes swimming in it. Very therapeutic if you love watching fishes swim.
The buffet at Rossio is definitely a highlight for me. Love the roast pork and sashimi offering! THANX MGM  Macau for my Bearion in a shark's outfit:D
Something zen and calming for me. I learnt about tea appreciation at the Macau Tea Story showroom. Bought some tea back home too:D
A little shopping and walkinga round in Senado Square. Love the quaint old building and was tempted to take part in the "Beer Run" that I saw bartenders taking part. Bet I would have dropped by bottle of beer though. LOL.
Love beauty products...then Senado Square is the place to shop! I know quite a few friends who bought up quite a few backs of cosmetics and skin care. I went gaga over the cute items and my fave buy is the Hello Kitty lip balm:D
BTW...McFlurry lovers...make sure you grab a McFlurry in Macau.!
Our kermit jump... at Ruinas de Sao Paolo at Senado Square.
This is the white gloves certified replica that MJ wore. MJ fans must visit the MJ gallery at Sofitel @ Ponte 16! 
Opt for dinner on board a cruise if you want. Its a breath taking sight! In our case we boarded the cruise and enjoyed the view before heading off elsewhere for dinner.
Heard many raving reviews for Litoral Portuguese Restarurant. Certainly lives up to expectations. This Portuguese Baked Duck Rice is highly recommended!
A cable car ride to Macau's highest peak Guia Hill is a must. You can a good view of Macau! For the fit then a walk or a run here is a must. I wished I didn't have my gear with me...then a run would have been good!
Said hello to Mei of the many furkids at the hill / park with their owners.
A pic at the peak of Guia Hill is a must. Planking is optional.
Or some foot shots too...hang on...someone placed a palm instead!
A walk away from Guia Hill is Dr Sun Yat Sen's Residence.
A walk around the Macau city isn't just all about buildings. There is quite a bit of greenery including Lou Lim Leoc Garden. Its a lovely serene garden that somehow blocked off the traffic sounds outside this place.
Dim sum is a good idea for lunch after all the walking around. Options of having it on the streets or in comfort in a restaurant. Our lunch option was Canton Chinese restaurant in The Venetian before continuing with more activities.
Activities includes creeping up to dinosaurs. Shhhhh don't let them bite you!
Shopping in Venice? Its shopping in The Grand Canal Shoppes. 
If you love products by Lush (like I do)...then head in and go gaga over them! Lush is one of the many shops in The Grand Canal Shoppes. 
As I was in Macau over the weekend, I needed my Tai Tai afternoon tea fix. Espressamente Illy at The Canal Shoppes was definitely a good choice. Relaxing, prompt service and good complains! Love the cookies too.
Highlight of this Macau getaway is the 25th Macau International Fireworks Display. This is Canada's entry and my view from the foot of the Macau Tower over a lovely BBQ dinner.
Pointless to be in Macau and just stay at the foot of Macau Tower. So a trip up to the 58th floor of the tower is a must to get a 360 degree view of Macau. This trip is also a reunion trip with my #Overnice buddies:D
And in Macau, and if you have extra guts then take a jump off Macau Tower or a walk around Macau Tower. and I mean 233 metres from ground level! Say hello to CheeChing who took the jump. I skipped since I have already had my share of bungees in New Zealand.
A visit to Macau is not complete without Lord Stow's Bakery egg tarts. Eat them on the spot and bring some home too...though they taste so much better when eaten fresh in Macau:D
Lusciously good!!! Don't stop at one piece!
Not your usual piggy. Had this yummy piggy at Miramar Portuguese Restaurant in Coloane.
A visit to Taipa House Museum for its pretty green houses...
Taipa House Museum is a popular spot for wedding photography...get the pros or DIY like this couple from Hong Kong. Nothing wrong with DIY...its thoroughly fun and memorable. I know...because the hubster and I did our own wedding photography:D
Tai Lei Loi Pork Chop Bun is in Kuala Lumpur but nothing beats having it at the original shop!
Souvenirs are a must! These wife biscuits from Choi Heong Yuen Bakery are a must and I had a list of request for them!
And always remember to send a postcard to yourself!
Its time to head home! And because Air Asia is all about fun...the whole flight sang Happy Birthday to Daphne!!! Happy babeday Daphne!
BTW...while Macau was fun and had lots of yummy food. I am Pak Naseer's nasi lemak is a must. To avoid disappointment, always pre book your meals!

THANX to Macau Government Tourism Office and Air Asia for piecing this trip...its been tonnes of fun and certainly an eye opener. Fingers crossed my late entry for the Macau Marathon is accepted, otherwise in 2014, Macau is definitely my must visit destination!

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