MIGF 2013: Nook

Sarawak laksa! Ais kacang! And that may not sound like the typical MIGF menu. Kudos to Nook in Aloft Kuala Lumpur for presenting these East Malaysian favourites with a Japanese influence in their debut presence in MIGF this year. And before you dismiss it as plain, read on and check out Chef Steven Seow's playful and indigenous touch to the Festival menu.

Pricing at Nook is as follows which also includes an option of wine and beer pairing!
Full Festival Menu
• RM280 ++ per person with wine & beer pairing
• RM180 ++ per person without wine & beer pairing
Light Festival Menu
• (Light Menu not inclusive of Wagyu Beef Rendang) RM160++ per person with wine 

Smoked Scallop Umai Sushi
Duck Confit with Pomegranate and Jogurt Sphere
Villa Maria Chardonnay, NZ

Sarawak Lobster and Abalone Laksa with Organic Soba Noodles
Beer: Leffe Blonde


Wagyu Beef Rendang, Farm Vegetables, Achar Jelatah, Tumeric Coconut Rice
Madfish, Shiraz, Australia

Eight Treasures Ais Kacang

Coffee & Tea

Starter is plated like a pretty garden with vibrant colours. I started off with the Smoked Scallop Umai Sushi. Lift the glass and you will get a gentle whiff of the smokiness. For the uninitiated, umai is raw seafood. This pretty smoked scallop sushi sits prettily of a layer of pink sushi rice. Its not easy to pop the whole piece into your mouth so cutting the whole sushi into two should do the trick. A bite will be a revelation of flavours and textures. Sweet soft scallop with slightly salty and crunchy roe. 

The Duck Confit with Pomegranate and Jogurt Sphere is recommended to be eaten after the sushi. Nothing to indicate that it taste less inferior but its only right as the flavours of the confit was more robust than the smoked scallops umai sushi. The confit is absolutely delightful on its own. Enjoy it in another dimension when you eat it with a little yogurt and pomegranate. And if you love deep fried skin, then savour the immensely sinful but delicious fried duck skin that is perched on the duck confit.

A refreshing and crisp Villa Maria Chardonnay, NZ is paired with the starter. Easy drinking and the citrusy notes certainly went well with the scallop.

My obvious choice for the main was the Sarawak Lobster and Abalone Laksa with Organic Soba Noodles that was paired witht Leffe Blonde. Interesting and daring I must say but nevertheless it was a brilliant pairing. Take a sip of the Leffe Blonde before you begin your laksa. The blond beer is smooth and has hints of tropical banana. Now when you have tasted the laksa, the Leffe Blonde is even smoother and has a lovely sweeter taste to it. 

Nook whips out no ordinary Sarawak laksa. This is a luxurious version with lobster and abalone. Served with organic soba noodles (Yes to a healthy touch to my meals!), the Sarawak laksa is pretty much what a Sarawakian would approve with 2 thumbs up. In fact, that was what my dining companion did. Chef Stevcn has whipped out Sarawak laksa close to what she has grown up eating in Kuching!

I took a sip of the hot laksa gravy first. Rich and creamy in a hearty manner, I certainly wouldn't mind having another portion of thr soup and soba noodles. The lobster and abalone adds a touch of luxury and certainly did enhance the flavours of the beautiful laksa. Its so good...I finished every drop of my bowl of laksa gravy (and of course the hubster's too!). 

Each mouthful of noodle is accompanied with lobster and abalone. Brilliant!

I know its rude to show an emptied bowl...but I just had to show you how good it is!

For those who want meat and rice, then the Wagyu Beef Rendang, Farm Vegetables, Achar Jelatah, Tumeric Coconut Rice is for you. Tender slow cooked wagyu beef will melt in your mouth. No doubt the beef rendang is a fusion version from the regular ones, the flavours are not compromised with a lovely balance of spices and kerisik (dessicated coconut). Must say that this main looks good for photos with baby carrots and quail eggs!

The wagyu beef rendang is paired with Madfish Shiraz, Australia. Laugh if you want to but Madfish is actually one of the few Australian brands that I have learnt to love the last few years. This is a smooth and slightly spicy shiraz with sweet berries that compliments the 'spiciness' of this main. 
Remove the cover and you will discover fluffy and aromatic tumeric coconut rice.

Chef Steven certainly knows how to mix food and fun. Dessert is a fun play as if we are in a chemistry lab. Eight Treasures Ais Kacang comes with an assortment of fruits including raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, mango, jackfruit and pine nuts. Of course the usual condiments of cendol, jelly and cincau are also present. Have fun with the 5 syringes with different syrups and evaporated milk. Use them all like the hubster did or in my case, its only gula melaka and milk! A brilliant end to the meal although I wished that the ice was finer. 
Looks fun!

Now you have fun 'injecting' different syrups into the ais kacang.

Pretty and tasty!

Its been an awesome experience at Nook. And I can see that its not just the hotel that has a relaxing, comforting and fun outlook...even its restaurant bears the same character! Once again kudos Nook and Chef Steven...this is definitely one of the more memorable menus for the Festival this year!

Level 1, Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral
Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.972 E 101 41.162
T: +603 2723 1154

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