MIGF 2013: Prego

Casual and cozy Prego in Westin Kuala Lumpur thrills diners with more authentic goodness in this year's MIGF. Chef Samuele Alvisi thrills us over dinner with comforting Italian goodness. Each dish with a story and a memory of its own. Chat Chef Samuele up and allow him to regale you with his stories and experiences.

A meal in Prego always kicks off with the lovely bread and herbed tomato dip. Cautious! Prego serves delicious;y addictive bread that is hard to resist especially when one is trying to stay off carbs. Nibble a little while waiting for your course to start and leave them on the table so you can use it to wipe up any delicious gravy or soup:P

And while waiting for our meal to begin, I have always enjoyed the clear view of Prego's open kitchen. There is something therapeutic about seeing the chefs at work. They work with such precision and teamwork coupled with passion, its not a surprised that Prego has improved in leaps and bounds from my first meal at Prego 2 years ago.

The MIGF Menu at Prego is priced at RM330++ per person with wine or RM190++ per person without wine. SPG members stand to enjoy 20% off the MIGF menu.  
Tarpaccio Tartufato - Thicker Beef Carpaccio, with Home Cured Egg, Fried Capers, Anchovy Cream, Mustard Shallot dressing and Black Truffle
Frescobaldi Remole Bianco 2012

Zuppa di Cipolle com Spuma di Formaggio e Riduzione al Porto - Onion Soup with Cheese Espuma and Port Wine reduction

Spaghetti Affumicati con Gamberi di Fiume e Crema di Burrata - Home made Smoked Spaghetti with Fresh Yabis and Burrata Cheese Sauce
Chablis, La Pierrele, La Chablisienne 2007

Merluzzo con Creama di Piselli, Patate e Funghi - Cod Fish with Green Peas Sauce Potato Mushroom and Shellfish reduction
Chianti, Frescobaldi 2010

Tiramisu in Tuille - Tiramisu Mousse served in Tulip Cup
Sambuca Opal Nera

Prego's MIGF menu kicks off with Tarpaccio Tartufato. Unlike the usual thinly sliced carpaccio, Chef Samuele serves up a thicker beef carpaccio giving us a better bite and flavour. I could easily sum that this appetizer is a lovely play of flavours and textures with the the accompaniment of home cured egg, fried capers, anchovy cream, mustard shallot dressing and black truffle. This is my first time eating fried capers and its amazingly different. For those who do not fancy capers, then frying it will make it more palatable!

A mix of everything and its a lovely burst of flavours and textures.
Frescobaldi Remole Bianco 2012 is fresh and fruity with some soft floral notes. 

Zuppa di Cipolle com Spuma di Formaggio e Riduzione al Porto is a comforting onion soup. Unlike the usual darker toned onion soups that we're accustomed to, this is creamy. Remember the bread? Use it to soak up the remaining goodness of this soup from your plate!

Entree of Spaghetti Affumicati con Gamberi di Fiume e Crema di Burrata is definitely a very memorable spaghetti that I certainly hope to see it on the ala carte menu. Each bite has a delicate smoked taste. This dish may seem simple but its actually quite a chore to prepare the smoked pasta which is made from scratch by Chef Samuele. 
Lovely creamy finish to the pasta with the burrata cheese sauce. No complain on the brilliant use of fresh Yabis or fondly known as crayfish to some of us. Sweeter and more tender than the usual prawns.
La Pierrele, Chablis, La Chablisienne 2007 is slightly oaky. The citrusy notes gives a refreshing touch to the smokey and creamy finish of the pasta dish. On its own, I will certainly love to have this while catching up with a few good friends or perhaps a good read.

Undoubtedly a pretty dish, the Merluzzo con Creama di Piselli, Patate e Funghi was served just right and pretty much survived a few minutes of photo taking. The cod fish skin is lovely and crisp while the flesh remained firm and juicy. Green peas isn't an obvious choice of vegetable for many adults and Chef Samuele shared that his preparation of the green peas sauce is similar to how his grandmother's cooking to make him eat green peas. Lovely idea! 
Additional touch of luxury to this dish is in the form of the shellfish reduction that provided a balance to the whole experience.
Chianti, Frescobaldi 2010 - Smooth with berry notes. Its perhaps a personal preference but this wine was smoother when I allowed it to breathe a little.

The end to the hearty meal was Tiramisu in Tuille. Airy and sweat tiramisu mousse is balanced with bitter cocoa powder was perfect. Perfectly paired with Sambuca Opal Nera. The hubster loved the dessert as it was and somehow didn't quite fancy intensity of the aniseed flavours. I however loved how the my tummy settled itself with a shot of the Sambuca Opal Nera before I happily savoured the the tiramisu mousse.

Petite shot is more potent than it looks but it does a lovely job of clearing your palates and making space in the stomach for dessert!

The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2773 8338
GPS: N 3.147794 E 101.714548

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