Neubodi Active Fit

Its all about the right fit even when we are geared for our workouts. Certainly not looking forward to be part of the 80% of women who wear the wrong bras and the wrong size. Guys! You don't have to stop reading! You can read on and share the information with your loved ones! New additions to my light workouts like walking, gym or cycling now is Neubodi Active Flexi Bra.

Love the light weight material that dries off very well. Soft and seamless it still affords me proper support for my lightweight workouts. Resembling a sports bra, it gives a comfortable hugging fit and minimises the the unsightly bounce that many sports bra do not offer. Nothing technical except a smart design using flexi fit technology to create the flexi-support panels and also the 2-tone elastic support for the shoulder straps, sides and underneath the bust. 

The Neubodi Active Flexi Bra is naturally weaved with the White Bamboo Charcoal nylon for stimulation of blood circulation, extra absorption and ventilation purposes. The micro-holes within the charred bamboo also have an antibacterial function to effectively restrain the growth of bacterial to reduce smell when one sweats.

Unlike many usual sports bras, the Neubodi ones includes breathable sponge. The flat seams are designed to minimise chaffing, something that many of us will experience in some point of our active lifestyles.
• Black and nude colours
• Affordable RM159 in a box of 2 pieces. 
• Wide Shoulder Straps weaved with 2-tone elastic support for a strong hold on the shoulders 
• Smooth seamless cups offer full coverage and support for a three dimensional curvature.
 A flexi-support panel to support the sides and underneath your bust
 Removable, breathable sponge for additional lift and shape.
 Wide reinforced underband for a no roll-up and stay-put fit
 Naturally weaved with premium white bamboo charcoal nylon

And if you are working out, make sure you have the right fit! Grab your Neubodi Active Flexi Bra at any Neubodi boutiques. Do not be shy to get the right fit for your bosom buddies. 

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