Ninetology U9Z1

I won't quite call this a tech review of the Ninetology U9Z1. But its a review of the mobile phone that I was playing around with for a week. All I need out of a mobile phone and in this case the Ninetology U9Z1:
• Make calls
• Send and receive text messages
• Chat via Whatsapp
• Check my emails
• Reading ebooks
• Snap food pics:D
• Play Candy Crush!

So here's a user honest review! But here's the specs first so that everyone can get acquainted with the U9Z1.
• 5.7″ IPS HD display with 1280 X 720 resolution
 1.2 GHz quad core MediaTek MT6589 chipset processor
 PowerVR SGX544 GPU
 16GB Internal Memory with expandable microSD
 12MP back facing camera
 5MP front facing camera
 2,600 mAh
 Android 4.2
 161 X 82.5 X 9.3 mm
 Black / White colours
Wireless Charging

Calls, text messages, emails and Whatsapp...well, its kinda straightforward. No issues whatsoever since its just what I deem as regular simple tasks that most phones can do without any issues whatsoever:D

Surfing the net, playing Candy Crush and reading ebooks seems comfortable thanx to the 5.7" screen. Its of course more comfortable to the eyes with my iPad or iPad Mini. However when I consider that the U9Z1 weighs much less than either of my tablets, then its certainly worth compromising on the size in exchange for a smaller screen. After all, anything to reduce the wight of my 3.5kg handbag is always a good idea! 

I have a habit of running multiple apps and with the U9Z1, running Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and playing a game simultaneously seems fine. No lag whatsoever compared to my current HTC One X thats sometimes slows down a wee when I am playing Bubbles or Candy Crush.

Snapping pictures with the 12MP camera is fairly easy. Pictures are fine using the Auto Mode. Of course in daylight, its shoots superbly. Under cloudy or even the usual fluorescent lights, its still of course different from even my humble compact cameras but a lil bit of editing will sort it all out:P The following are some of the pics that were shot with the U9Z1 and are unedited except for resizing and applying my watermark.

Outdoor is decent. And to be fair, much better than I expected!

Shot in my living room at case you're wondering...these are the yummy egg tarts that I brought back from Macau's famous Lord Stow's Bakery.

Strangely though a picture taken from my living room window seems a tad "dull". But nothing a lil editing using the built in application won't solve.

Lunch of one of my fave wantan mee in Mei Sin Eating Shop (my regular haunt for fried nian gao - click to read).No looks yummy enough!

Simple dinner with my family at our regular dai chow Restoran Luen Fatt, Jalan 2/109e, Taman Desa. Food is fairly tasty and not too expensive. A meal of the above including one tofu and chinese tea for 6 persons was RM101.
Back to U9Z1...Not sure why but under fluorescent light, the pics did look a tad heavy on magenta. Again, I think its something I can live with and edit with the mobile phone's built in application.

Doing the above, each time I ran a full recharge on the phone, I will get approximately 1.5 days of use. I did not use wifi though which I suspect would drain the battery faster. BTW, the U9Z1 has a wireless charging functionality. Confession is that I did not use it...not too sure why it slipped my mind.

And if I have to hate something about the Ninetology U9Z1, it has to be the bluetooth transfer rate. Kid you not...its about the slowest I have experienced! 74 kb/s! I did a transfer of 46 pics to my MacBookPro and basically I had enough time to make a few cups latte on my coffee maker:P

Do take note that the LG Optimus Pro was given as a comparison phone against the Ninetology U9Z1. However, I didn't quite enjoy using the LG Optimus Pro. So sadly...the LG Optimus Pro was pretty much sitting in my bag:P No doubt that the 13MP camera  on the LG Optimus Pro may sound a tad more promising and did seem to be better than Ninetology U9Z1, but the overall feel to it just didn't seem to jive with me, I pretty much left it sitting in my bag. The Ninetology U9Z1 certainly felt more similar to my own HTC One X. Like the HTX One X, my liking for the Ninetology U9Z1 grew more each day as I fiddled with it.

Overall, the U9Z1 is an acceptable phone. For RM1,199, its a fair buy for my type of usage if I am shopping for a phone around the budget of RM1,000 to RM1,200. I personally however feel that because Ninetology is a fairly new brand, the U9Z1 needs to be bundled with more freebies to make it more attractive to the potential buyer. However for now, I think I will still hang on to my 16 months old HTC One X unless it dies on me:P 

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