Recipe: Pan Roasted Dry Aged Ribeye

The trend for many primer steak and grill houses these days is to include aged dry cuts. Its tasty. Its yummy but heck we can't be eating out each time we have our steak or meat cravings. So its aged dry ribeye for dinner last night for the hubster and I - home cooked of course. 

And because it was Shalom's 10th birthday as well, the furkid had her own share of the aged dry steak for dinner. 10 years old translates to 70 human year so lavishing on her isn't really too much:P of course her share was sans salt and pepper!
Every bit still a Diva...happy babeday Shalom!

I'm a slave to these paw!

While whipping out regular steaks and ribs has never been much of an issue having learned from AFC's Adrian Richardson (click to learn how to cook the perfect steak), this is my very first time trying to cook aged dry cuts and I didn't want to waste a good piece of meat. 

• 1kg aged dry ribeye (about 1 3/4  thick)
• Salt
• Pepper
• 2 tablespoon butter (I love Lurpack)
• 2 tomatoes
• Dried rosemary

• Rest the meat till it is room temperature (averagely 1.5 hours)
• Heat oven to 200C.
• Heat pan.
• Slice tomato and top with pepper and rosemary. Top with oil (always use oil that are suitable for high temperature cooking e.g red palm oil - available at most good organic shops).
• Wipe meat dry. Sprinkle meat liberally with salt and freshly grounded pepper.
• Place meat on to hot pan. It will sizzle and smoke. Leave it on the same spot for 2 minutes. Do not move the meat!
• Flip meat and brown for another 2 minutes.
• Place the fat side of the meat against the pan for 1 minutes.
• Place tomatoes onto pan and put it into the oven.
• Roast meat and tomatoes for 7 minutes.
• Remove pan from over and back to the stove.
• Add butter followed by dry rosemary.
• For medium rare, baste meat with butter mixture for a minute or two.
• Let meat rest for 6 to 8 minutes before serving.
• Slice meat approximately into 1" slices.
• Pour any juices and pan dripping onto meat before serving. 
Dinner is served. 
The edges of the meat were unfortunately a tad closer to medium but nevertheless juicy and flavourful...the beauty of aged dry meat. Elsewhere, it was medium rare.

If you are going to pop your steak or meat into the oven with the pan, make sure its a cast iron pan! Otherwise just click to learn more about how you can feel how well your steak is done.

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