Set Lunch @ Thirty8

The greatest challenge for hardcore Chinese tastebuds is to have a pork free Chinese meal. More often than not, we will hear the folks lamenting that its not Chinese food unless there is pork. A Chinese meal at Thirty8 is probably one of the few in town that one can happily have a Chinese meal (specifically lunch) without missing Mr Piggy.

Beyond the usual ala carte menu, Thirty8 now also offers Chinese set lunch for a minimum of 2 persons. A set lunch is good because one can skip the trouble in deciding what dishes to order! Thirty8 has an incredible view so lunch with a good view pretty much means we had a very long lunch (2 hours plus - thankfully it was Friday when some of us get to have a longer lunch hour).

The usual works of bread and butter kicks off any meal at Thirty8. Just nibble and not over eat on the lovely breads. Crispy crust and soft inside...with a slab of salted butter...bliss!
Our sharing set lunch @ RM238 per person was a 10 course meal including desserts. As our lunch was in September we had mooncakes!!!

4 appetizers to whet our appetite:
Radish in sweet soy sauce. Appetizing but I wished the radish was in smaller slices. Certainly a good dish to go with porridge!
Pacific clam with kailan is a simple but exquisite dish! One is able to savour the freshness and natural sweetness of the clams sans any unnecessary sauces.
A definitely can't go wrong crispy prawns with bread crumbs, garlic, paprika and bell pepper. Don't be shy and eat this with your fingers! 
Jellyfish and fungus in vinegar is a tantalizing cold appetizer. While both may look almost similar, once you bite into it then unmistaken flavour of the jellyfish and crunchy fungus will be distinctive yet they both compliment each other well. Slightly spicy and sour, this will send your stomach juices into full works for the remaining dishes to come.

I always say that soups are for anytime of the day. Individually served bowls of slow boiled soups is perfect to nourish the body! Unfortunately for me, I had to skip the soup and only be envious (and salivate) while they enjoyed their soup. The aromatic chicken comforting to smell and a torture not to be able to take a sip because the soup in the menu was a double boiled chicken soup with fish maw, fungus and papaya. Yes...the very ingredient I can't eat is papaya. Sigh...

My patience for waiting for the rest to finish their soups before the main courses were served was duly rewarded with 4 yummy main courses. And because I skipped the soup, my lunch companions treated me with extra abalone! Oh yeah papayas means more abalones. Good deal!!!
Not slices of abalone but its a whole piece of abalone. Braised to perfection, served with mushrooms and brocolli... this is definitely another clear favourite dish from lunch. Each mouth of the abalone was luxurious, chewy and tastefully abalone (Had my share of rubbery tasteless abalone recently at famed Chinese restaurant few days before lunch at Thirty8)
If abalone wasn't lavish enough, the next dish was braised Bobston lobster with scallops and vegetables. Looks plain but this dish calls for an extra bowl of rice for the gravy that bears the sweetness of the lobster and scallops.
KY being the perfect gentleman serves the Joyce and I who have sandwiched him.
Time to tone the palates a little with steamed cod fish with black bean chili sauce. Like our previous visit to Thirty8 for lunch (click to read), I can safely say that this place whips out cod fishes perfectly well! Humble ingredients of black bean brings out the natural sweetness of the black cod extremely well. Not to be wasted is the gravy. 
Chinese style salty glutinous dumplings did take a little effort for the tastebuds:P This is not a pluck from the sky dish but instead because we were lunching during the mid autumn season, the Chinese chef who originates from Guangzhou decided to introduce this dish to us. In Guangzhou, this is a common dish being served during festive seasons such as the lunar new year and mid autumn festival. A comforting broth with some meat it accompanies the bland glutinous dumplings. Strange to eat bland tasting glutinous dumplings on its own but coupled with the broth, its actually quite a tasty combination. Of course now that its not mid autumn, Thirty8 would be serving something else:P

Dessert during mid autumn is definitely mooncakes. Though seriously, I wouldn't mind mooncakes even if it is not mid autumn festival!
Traditional baked ones always wow me especially if they come with salted egg yolks:D

So for your set lunch in comfort and a view (perfect for both business and leisure), Thirty8 @ Grand Hyatt is highly recommended.
Grand Hyatt Kuala lumpur
12 Jalan Pinang
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2182 1234

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