Thor: The Dark World

Remember Jane Foster in Thor? Yes, I'm sure most of us do. We always wondered whatever happened of her since Thor (2011) and the only brief mention of her (character) in The Avengers. Wonder no more as she's back in Thor: The Dark World which is set a year after the events in New York (The Avengers Assemble).

The Crown Prince of Asgard, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is battling to save the Nine Realms from an ancient race of Dark Elves, led by Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) a dark enemy older than the universe itself. Malekith planned to use Aether, a volatile liquid mass capable of mass destruction to transform the universe into eternal darkness. In the past before time, Malekith was defeated by the forefathers of Asgard. They hid the Aether to the furthest side of the universe so that Malekith cannot use it to bring absolute darkness to the universe. However, Thor's world is again set on course to collide with Jane's  (Natalie Portman) world and as fate would have it, Jane stumbles on the ancient Aether. Spate of events and Jane is teleported to the worlds end.

The movie is enjoyable. It has the ability to draw the audiences to experience different emotions, joys, laughter and sadness. Its a strange ending of sorts with death and joy. Who dies? Go watch the movie! 

Thor: The Dark World is Marvel's eighth instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And I have managed to catch them all. Marvel is definitely getting it right with its storyline and cinematography. Watching Thor, one will also remember the devilish devious Loki (Tom Hiddlestone), Thor's half brother. Like brothers who often fought, and after Loki's attempt to tear Asgard and to rule earth in the past, it is interesting to see Loki's influence to this movie's plot since he was banished to spend his eternal life in prison. 

The climatic battles in Asgard and on earth are done tastefully. While it didn't quite get me seating on the edge in my seat, I certainly loved the modern flying space ships infused with gritty medieval-like battles. 

Characters were well developed and each actor played their roll well too. There were good doses of humour, witty remarks, action, interesting dialogues and enough to have us entertained. 

Directed by Alan Taylor who was sought by Marvel Studios after impressing in directing 'Boardwalk Empire', 'Rome', 'The West Wing', 'Mad Men', 'Six Feet Under', 'Game of Thrones' and 'Sex and the City' and an incredible cast, the husbter and I both conclude that we rate Thor: The Dark World 8/10.

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