Tujo @ The Ascott KL

Food should always be fun. Food should always be more than just filling our tummies and nourishing our body. And that's precisely in my humble opinion what Tujo does absolutely well. Its an oasis  to the folks working in the middle of Kuala Lumpur business hub when its all so intense and serious (solemn too on some days). Enter and be greeted by the cheery team (who I feel bear the awesome testimony of Soul Society Group's lively approach to their restaurants). Peruse the menu and its nothing boring. And when the food arrives, get ready to eat, play and live with the clever play of flavours and presentation.

It would have been a mundane weekday if not for the good company and good noms (plus drinks too) at Tujo with some pals and fairies. Service for food is fairly swift considering that Tujo was packed even on a weekday. One thing that I liked was that despite the crowd, it was still possible to hold a decent conversation at our table. This must be the good acoustics in Tujo!

I love the selection of cocktails, wines and spirits that Tujo offers. I like it even more because house pours are also available by the carafe instead of the usual glass. On that special night, I started on the house white wine and ended the night with the lovely Lanson Rose Label RM67 per glass.
Vineyard House Pour RM 30 per carafe.
Lanson Rose Label RM67 per glass

Strange as it may be, I am particularly concerned with salads. As carnivorous as I am, I still love to have a healthy salad to balance things up. Our choices of salads at Tujo turns out to be brilliant. 
A vegetarian choice of Spinach, Melon and Feta Salad RM18 proves to be satisfying. Savoy leaves, melon, Greek feta, almond flakes and balsamic vinegar makes a good bite for vegetarians. In fact, I have reasons to return to Tujo on my 'eat clean' days.
Smoked Duck Salad RM23 - smoked duck on a bed of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, oranges, pine nuts and cilantro dressing. A crowd favourite!

My faves for the night were simple Malaysian food. Not quite what one would expect. Let the following pics tell you more! 
Tujo Stinger Satay (6 sticks) RM15. Succulent chicken satay served with our Malaysian favourite rojak sauce, sweet pineapples and nuts.
Malaysiana Pizza RM19 is nasi lemak on squid ink pizza minus the rice:D  Love the combination of the sambal, nuts and anchovies on the crunchy base. A lovely accompaniment to happy hours of beers and cocktails!
Oxtail soup RM18 was a hearty soup of spiced consome, carrots, potatoes and chunky oxtail! 
Rice lovers will certainly love the Ira Malai RM45. Fragrant pulau rice is served with prawns in coriander gravy with mixed vegetables.

There is something for everyone at Tujo. The earlier dishes were Malaysian and the following Western dishes turns out to be just as gratifying.
Mummy says eat your spinach and you will grow tall and strong. Popeye says eat your spinach and you'll be strong too. And if you don't fancy spinach then the Spinaci Pizza RM25 may just change your mind. 
Liver Terrine (RM23) - lip smacking foie gras, chicken liver, sultanas, chives served with apricot jelly and brioche croutons. A lovely dish with Tujo's excellent wine selections!
Dinosaur Ribs RM140 which is 500gm prime rib on the bone may have you salivating. Recommended for sharing and its served with 2 side dishes on its own. Love the mushrooms and spinach...and what is not to hate when is a piece of juicy meat. Hmmm cute name too! 
A closer look at the juicy goodness!
Parmesan Bass RM35. Baked sea bass with parmesan crust, fava beans with sage and caper sauce
Mushroom Spaghetti RM23. Comforting button mushrooms in a creamy sauce. 
Tomyam Fettucini RM32. Truly appetizing with squid, prawns, chicken tossed in a spicy tomyam sauce.

Take a break in between with a walk around Tujo. There is always a reason for takepicha moments with the girls before we get started on desserts. 
with the girls Mei, Suan and Joyce.

No meal is complete without dessert! Again excellent selection of choices from the usual suspects to some interesting fusion ones. we had the Salted Caramel Apple Guava Tart (RM20) served with apple dragonfruit sauce and Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream, and . Both were excellent fusion delights, should satisfy discerning dessert lovers.
Highly recommended Gula Melaka and Jackfruit Cheesecake RM15 to go with a cup of coffee! Fluffy and exotic goodness in every mouthful. 
Salted Caramel Apple Guava Tart RM20 is served with apple dragonfruit sauce and Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream. 
Even ice cream isn't a plain lonely scoop. 

Its 7 days of fun in Tujo. Check out the FB page for ongoing updates. Expect fun in the form of Mojito Monday wich offers 2 hours of free flow mojitos for RM49 and complimentary snacks to go with the mojitos. Hens and heels on Friday for us girls with free cocktails on the house from 9pm onwards. And for the boys... its a Mr Men on Saturdays from 9pm onwards with 2 drinks on the house for the boys!!!

Tujo @ The Ascott KL
No.9, Jalan Pinang,
50450, Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 21617 789

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