UFOs in Sandakan!

UFOs are apparently a common sight in Sandakan. A point to note is that these yellow and white objects are also tastefully delicious!

Of course most would know that the UFO that I mentioned isn't quite the unidentified objects. Instead the fondly called UFO is basically a tasty cake and custard snack. There are actually a few versions of this snack. Some are made with cream, meringue and different style of decorating the snack.

The one we had in Bun Hock Bakery was highly recommended. Indeed it was! A thin and soft base of sponge cake is topped with a rich creamy custard and cream twirled around the custard. Certainly resembles a UFO because of the sponge cake base. Looking at it from another angle, it also does resemble cow dung and some of the Sandakan locals actually call it cow dung!
Individually packed.
Shaped like UFO or cow dung?
Custard and cream on a sponge cake base. Its not overly sweet and will go really well with a cup of black tea. Coffee is just as good though my preference has always been tea with snacks:D

Cow dung or UFO...this is a yummy must try snack when visiting Sandakan. Have it with a cup of coffee or tea. 

Bun Hock Bakery,
5 Mile, Taman Sibunga,

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