AirAsia Bali Beach Run 2013

The month of November seems to be a MIA month for me. The 4th trip this month was to Bali over the weekend to run in the AirAsia Bali Beach Run. While Bali is one of my fave islands, this is indeed the first time I actually ran in Bali.

An amazing run experience of running on the beach, getting my shoes soaked in water, sinking into some sand before moving on to some cobblestone and tarmac before returning to the awesome sand by the beach. The run flagged off at 6am. 10.25km, 440 calories and 1:06:56 later, I can only conclude this is definitely one of the better well organised runs for me. There was plenty of directional signs and marshalls. Definitely sufficient water stations with friendly folks handing out Pocari Sweat. Medics were from a hospital and the medical tent at the finish line was certainly more equipped than some of the runs I had run in. 

The usual works of good music, bananas, drinks and a photo board kept runners entertained while they rested or waited for their friends to return. One of our pals was the last one in and she mentioned that she even had a marshall escort her all the way to the finish line.

Conclusion: It was an awesome experience with my very first run in Bali. Am certainly putting listing AirAsia Bali Beach Run as one my fave runs for the year. And hopefully AirAsia would be organising a similar beach run next year...with perhaps greater distances too. 

And now...let the pics run you through my fun run in Bali. 
Flew in to Bali with my fave low cost carrier AirAsia which offers 5 daily flights from Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar.
3 hours flight and its a land with plenty of pretty frangipani:D
A hiccup with my registration and I ended up being John Doe with a size S men's tee. Good thing I brought my own running tee (which coincidentally matched the 2 trainers that I brought along to Bali).
And #OOTD for John Doe bib 2143 is by Adidas in a lime green running tee and black shorts. Wished I packed my compression tights along in view of my current less than awesome fitness level.
5:45am in Bali is nice and bright. Took a warmup jog from Tune Hotel to the starting line.
Started way behind a sea of runners.
Special mention must be given to Alyssa who did a relatively good 10km despite her slip disc condition. Good job for rising to the 10km challenge and running the remaining 4km!
The run was a beautiful scene of the beach, passing through some gorgeous villas before we returned to the finish line which was at the beach.
I forgot to charge my phone the night before thus took minimal pics during the run but I could not resist taking a pic of The Royal Beach Seminyak which I stayed at in one of my trips to Bali (click to read the post on The Royal Beach Seminyak)
Properly trained medics....good job organisers!
A happy pic after the run even though I ran my worst 10km ever... Am happy with my bottle of Pocari Sweat, banana to fill the hungry tummy and a bag of ice. Grabbed a bag of ice from the medic tent to ease the hamstring which felt slightly strange during the run...a sign that the my finesse has certainly dropped because I am missing out in my regular trainings while travelling.
Still...I am feeling awesome and happy enough to have my signature froggie jump at the end of each run...
Another medal to add to the wall... are totally soaked after running in the water crossings but my Saucony Mirage 3 dried up within 12 hours in the hotel room.
Some awesome booths to keep us all entertained during prize giving and post run included a chiropractor examination. 
Performance post mortem...ran a lousy run....but I had so much fun...

An amazing experience that I am looking forward to experience again next year. For your share of fun...well stay tuned to: - flight and holiday bargains....and well maybe AirAsia will be organising a run again elsewhere soon? - stay tuned for the next run next year!

THANX for reading. Head on over to Missyblurkit to check out the full set of pics in the album AirAsia Bali Beach Run 2013.