Art Jam

That picture tells you one thing...I can't draw properly. It is supposed to be a rendition of Shalom and I ended up with a drawing of her in yellow looking like an octopus, pickled vegetable, overcooked vegetable and an alien - well that's the comments on Facebook right this moment as I pen my thoughts.

But still it was tonnes of fun as I got together with a bunch of friends and random strangers at Aloft one fine Friday evening for an art jam before having our happy hours at WXYZ to welcome the weekend.. Plain canvases are given to us all. Plenty of pens for us to use in our doodles. 
White canvas for my 'wild' imagination.
All comfy and ready to sketch...don't you just love the coziness of Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral?
Sifu drawing his fave objects of UFOs
Detailed without having a need for the pencil...
The hubster at work. The boy is a trained artist so I expect something 'decent' from him!
Some lovely cocktails and mocktails to quench our thirst in between the hardwork of drawing...

Final masterpieces from everyone is a mix of everything. From aliens to monsters, buildings, cars and even a dog...While we started off sayng that we all can't draw...heck when we finished, we wanted more black canvases to draw. Doodling is certainly a relaxing and addictive feel good activity. Certainly looking forward to more of such sessions at Kuala Lumpur's most chillax hotel - Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral. 
Shalom has been to the form of a canvas. Now let me know your thoughts on what she looks like in this picture...
The hubster with a picture of himself and his dream red ride. That lil creature on the far right does not look like Shalom...and as I look at it harder, I think that is Shiloh whom we had not met yet at that point of art jam. Hehehe.
Man and balloon? What does it mean?
Worm attack!
The happy art jam participants!

If you want to be part of Aloft Kuala Lumpur's fun activities...check them out on Facebook! You never know what is coming up next!
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