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Coffee. It isn't quite a new love but I think as time grows, appreciation for coffee has grown deeper. While I love the caffeine kick, over time, the caffeine effect has lapsed and I am quite a happy sleeper after a few cups of coffee. What thrills me these days is the aroma, the taste and in some cases the looks of my cup of coffee. 

Have I gone all 'atas' in my demands for coffee? I wouldn't say so. Instead I think its just an appreciation after all these years of drinking coffee both in cafes, restaurants or even the good old fashion kopitiam.

Weekends are spent running...and being rewarded with good coffee thereafter. Good company is always the bonus. And on a very good weekend, it kicked off with a good run and a good coffee session of learning what goes into a good cup of coffee with Illy Coffee Master Barista Goh Chee Wan
@ Latitude03 in Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. 

Coffee appreciation aptly begins with knowing the beans but it can get technical for some so I'll save my cupping experience in another post one fine day. And it is an espresso to begin the session. Don't ever think of skipping espresso if you want to understand the coffee that you are having in hand. It all begins with freshly grinded beans, tamp just the right amount of coffee into the filter, and brewed with the right pressure and temperature. Might sound easy now that we have coffee machines but unless its properly calibrated from grinding to brewing, its all wasted even with good beans.
Only 100% Arabica goes to every cup of Illy coffee

A perfect and freshly brewed espresso with a patient 25 to 28 seconds extraction.
Rich, complex and certainly NOT bitter. 

While an espresso may be overwhelming for some, here are other styles of coffee one can opt for. May it be a latte or a cappuccino, its important to get the milk part right. It all begins with choosing the right milk. Milk must be whole milk and cold. Skimmed or low fat will not give you the velvety foam and a smooth finish.

Touch matters when foaming the milk. Pour cold milk into a metal steaming pitcher about 1/3 full. Release steam from the steaming wand for a couple of seconds to eliminate any residual water. As the foam rises, lower the pitcher. Keep the tip of the wand submerged at all times but avoid unnecessary movements. Keep your hand on the pitcher and when you can't touch it any further then its approximately 65°C. Initially you start off with looking at the thermometer but after some practices you will know the 65°C and the steaming stops.
Tap the pitcher firmly on the countertop to compress the foam and swirl it a few times. Pour approximately half into another pitcher then pour some back into the original pitcher. This ensures that the milk is creamy and all bubbles are gone.

Add milk to the espresso to create the art that you have in mind. It looks simple but heck it takes a a pair of steady hands. This refresher course for me was necessary as I pretty much lost the ability to do it unlike my first class 3 years back. So what I ended up was just 'blah'. The hubster had a nicer looking art...I know what I need...more practice!!!

So let's just focus on the nicer ones. Cuter ones came about because Coffee Master Barista Goh Chee Wan rescued and made art from disaster:P
Steady hands does a perfect heart from a perfect foam and espresso.
How not to fall in love?
A teddy bear
An elephant
Not quite a bear...

Grab your good cup of coffee and some pretty art to go with it at Latitude03 @ Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. Stay tuned to their FB page because you may just see another coffee appreciation fun coming your way! 
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