Grow Taller Soup

Was at the wet market recently and I came across the soup ingredient that will make one grow taller. Its not magic but it certainly works as I have seen in many cases of adolescents. At my current age, I still harbour a secret dream of growing taller (laugh...its ok...) so its no surprised that I bought the important ingredient for the Grow Taller Soup home. Happily I paid RM4 for 2 bundles of peanut root or as the Cantonese call it "fa sang kan".
If you have adolescents or perhaps simply love a good soup, then this Grow Taller Soup is for you. Hopefully the adolescent grows taller or otherwise the whole family simply enjoys a comforting soup which taste a little earthy and almost as tasty as peanut soup.

Ingredients for 2 persons:
• 2 bundles of peanut root
• 650g of pork ribs (replace with chicken if necessary) 
• 10 red dates
• 1.5L of water

• Wash peanut root until all traces of soil is removed. I like swishing them in a bowl of water and when its almost clean I just place them under running water.
• Cut off the leaves and leave just a little of the stems. Too much stems and leaves will give the soup a slightly bitter taste.
• Place all ingredients in pot. If you are using a pressure cooker, 30 minutes will suffice. Otherwise, boil for 2 hours on low fire.
• Serve together with the whole peanuts attached to the roots. 

After 2 weekends of drinking the Grow Taller Soup, I can only sadly confirm that the Grow Taller Soup does not work on adults:( Still there is no harm as the Chinese believe that soups are good to nourish the body in general. So cheers to more Grow Taller Soup!

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