Join the Fight

And October has passed by rather quickly with lots of focus on breast cancer awareness. Come November, let us not forget the the fight against breast cancer. Let the fight continue.

The entire month of October, the folks at Neubodi urged women (and men) to join the fight against cancer. Simple but effective gesture that saw the involvement of many parties. 

“Your old bras could be someone else’s treasure!” And that is precisely the message that Neubodi presented with their Cash Your Bras for a Cause campaign. Building an alliance with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and Free The Girls Association, Neubodi created the “Neubodi Bra Bank Drive” where we encourage women to donate their old bras for a cause whilst being rebated by Neubodi for supporting this momentous occasion. Bra donors receive 20% off and RM30 vouchers. The (donated) unwanted bras form the starting inventory for their own business selling the bras for the survivors of sex trafficking that form the beneficiaries of Free The Girls Association.
And if you happened to pass by Neubodi in One Utama Shopping Centre on 30th October, you would have noticed floating pink balloons, warm shades of pink ladies sashaying about and pretty pink ribbon cupcakes and even a swiss roll tower! Hanging among the balloons were also floating messages promoting breast cancer awareness. 

An interesting yet visually stunning breast cancer monologue was also staged by Neubodi on breast cancer awareness. A monologue was read by Ms Anushya Safira, Marketing and PR, Manager of Neubodi on the characters of 3 ladies who could be just any ladies that ourselves know. The 3 characters - Jenny the business woman, Linda the college student and Mandy the mother are all three women were breast cancer survivors personified by models. Absolutely touching as I noted that the audience teared.
A lighter moment from the event includes a bra makeover for 2 lovely ladies from the crowd. The makeover saw one of the participants Jamie exclaim “I always liked my bras padded, but after wearing Neubodi’s bra, which does not come with any padding by the way, I realised I am actually a fuller woman! I have boobs!”

And the highlight of the entire month of breast cancer awareness by Neubodi was the passing of aa mock cheque worth RM5,739 from the month long campaign proceeds to Ms Tammy Walker-Tam from BCWA.  
Good job Neubodi!!! For more information on this exciting event, log on to Neubodi’s Facebook at or Neubodi’s website at There is also more pictures from my Facebook album Join The Fight