La Mian - The Ancient Art of Chinese Noodle Making

They say that nothing warms the heart like a piping hot bowl of soup or noodles. A visit to Latest Recipe over the week when I was under the weather and braving a wet rainy Tuesday, meant that a bowl (or more) piping hot la mian with a comforting broth was soothing to the soul and did wonders to my tired body.

The bowls of la mian isn't just the regular bowls of la mian. What we had were good old fashion traditional la mian or pulled noodles as it is in China. Clean tasting noodle in a hot bowl of rich broth prepared by Guest Chef Leo Zhang from Beijing. 

A chat with Chef is that he kept the taste as how it is in China. It may seem like an easy task of pulling the noodles but our attempts proved to be a disaster! Chef Leo Zhang however showcased his skills of preparing the la mian with swift movements which were very dependent on arm movements. Dough is is held between the hadns, stretched, tossed, pulled and swung repeatedly. Each strand is evenly thin and sized. Noodles are cooked briefly in boiling water before a hot broth is poured over it and served with condiments including beef and radish. Served with some vinegar and specially made chili oil, its hard to resist the call for another satisfying bowl of la mian.

Of course if you fancy more than la mian, then Latest Recipe has plenty of delightful local, Japanese and Western live stations. My all time fave is of course the Japanese counter for its brillaint cuts of sashimi and awesome beef teppanyaki. 

The la mian promotions ends on 27th November 2013. Available for buffet dinner only between 6:30pm to 10:30pm, hurry over for your taste of traditional chinese la mian. Priced at RM108++ from Monday to Thursday and RM118++ from Friday to Sunday, you can enjoy discounts if you a SPG member! Visit Le Meridien's Facebook page for more information!

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur
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T: +603 2263 7888

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