Secret Recipe Sweet 16

Home grown Secret Recipe turns 16 this year. Here's what some of the tasty deals that is being launched in conjunction with their 16th anniversary celebrations beginning 16th November 2013.

Love Candy Crush? Then you will certainly love the Candy Crushing RM 16 value deals from 16th to 30th November 2013 (available for dine in only). Choose from 6 sets, each featuring one of Secret Recipe's top sellers.
My preferred choice would of course be Set 1 Sweet Tooth Booster Meal. Kick of my meal with a hot chocolate (a good post run drink as far as I am concerned), 1 piece of pie and a scoop of ice cream. Love my choice of shepherd's pie with a creamy swirl of mash potatoes and comforting filling of beef. Chicken is available too! 

Using WeChat? Then take advantage of the WeChat – Buy 1 Free 1 Slice of Cake promotion. All you need to do to enjoy this sweet deal is to follow Secret Recipe on WeChat and enjoy the promotion when you dine in at Secret Recipe. Their id is SecretRecipeMY. 

For those who have a birthday, a celebration, a party or you just love cakes...then mark 16th November 2013 to enjoy RM16 off the purchase of one whole cake! 

Happy birthday Secret Recipe!!! For more information, visit

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