#StaySmartAsia in Bangkok

Greetings from Bangkok! Its home in Bangkok the next few days as I explore Bangkok on my own and recharge myself each night at Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam. So far day 1 has proven to be an interesting experience of just walking around the hotel. A bit of shopping and definitely lots of yummy food!!!

Here's some pics from the day. There is just so much to do!
Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam is home in Bangkok.

Yochana is with me again and has obviously made herself extremely comfortable on the bed.
The train station is just a short walk from the hotel. Convenient eh?
Bangkok is safe...found this very yummy coconut ice cream sandwich at a lane near Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam. A popular fave with the locals old and young alike.
Its the Loy Krathong Festival and there is a whole street of yummy food and shopping to be explored. Here's me and my very cutie waiter.
Similar to Hainanese chicken rice! I could do with another serving. 10Baht only!
Spicy pork noodles with a rich meaty broth. Close to the one I had in Chiangmai:D
A cutie pie I met while shopping...
More street food and this is smack beside the street. Sitted on a mat and a low table having a Thai version of the Korean steamboat and grill. 69Baht including drinks.
More food! And these silk worms are amazing stuff! Deep fried and eaten with a dash of soy sauce and pepper. Will buy more tomorrow!
Slightly sweet glutinous rice wit different toppings. The one in front is sugar and shrimps. The rear is topped with egg.
Checked out the coffee scene and my fave today will be these organic Pamiang beans with a slight fermented flavour to it.
Coffee and a slice of macadamia cheese cake while I chilled over live music and people watching in the cafe @ the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre.
Fully aware of my need to eat every 2 hours, I hopped into 7-11 and bought a few packs of these very yummy pork and basil rice which I discovered when we drove to Phuket (click to read my 16 hours drive!). Bought some to bring back to Kuala Lumpur too.
Walked from 3pm to 9pm...and it back to my recharge dock @ Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam.

Stay tuned and stalk me Instagram to follow my journey on the go. I do appreciate your 'Likes' and/or comments. And if you're wondering why #StaySmartAsia... well that's the hashtag that is used to document my Bangkok journey.