Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Today as I unboxed the pressies, it hit me that there was more pressies that I needed to get as there are a few more Christmas parties to come. Oh yeah...its 12 days of Christmas and 11 days more of pressie exchange. Am not quite fretting or freaking out as pressie shopping has always been quite simple. Am the practical type of person so will not be thinking along the lines of what is going to unique or outstanding under that Christmas tree.

For 2013, I did the usual of buying clothes for the immediate family based on what they generally like. Princess pink dresses for the girls, tshirt with a pocket for dad...

And because it was the Guardian sale, I actually did take advantage of the Christmas sale and bought more gifts. Even managed to redeem the Aussino (fluffy) towels from my purchases.

Kordel's Active Oat 35 is my health choice pressie this year for the few pals who's battling the budge and cholesterol problems thanx to our fave hobby of eating:D How oats work to reduce cholesterol is the oat beta-glucan which is a soluble form of fibre that binds excess cholesterol and cholesterol-like substances before its being expelled from the body.

One of my fave brand of toiletries (and fine food) is Crabtree & Evelyn. Quite a few items were purchased here including the Hand Therapy hand creams. Bought the larger box of 12 tubes and they were basically repacked into individual pressies for the girlfriends. Stocked up extra and they make really lovely birthday pressies too! Not sure if they are still available in the special gift packs now as I bought mine when Crabtree & Evelyn opened another new outlet at Pavilion KL. 

Attended a darn fun Christmas eve party at KY's home last night. It was the funnest gift exchange ever as we could pick whatever we wanted from the Christmas tree or even opt for another person's pressie. basically, one chooses the pressie and the unwraps it. The hour long exchange was hillarious with all of us having our original pressie to the ones that we grabbed from another person changing hands over and over again. Ultimately, I went home with a bag of bacon! Lovely Christmas pressie. Practical too because I can eat it! So yes...I will be buying bacon for my next few days of gift exchange!

And not quite a present under the Christmas tree but beyond a potluck, a visit to friend's house for a meal, I hate arriving empty handed. So normally I will arm myself with dessert like ice cream or a cake. But since its Christmas, there will be plenty of cakes going around. So on most visits if the host is fine, I will bring a bottle of wine or prepare a salad. A fave of mine is basically throwing in seasonal fruits with some lettuce and to make the salad extra palatable, I spike it with bacon and/or chinese sausages (lapcheong). The salad is a guaranteed top seller with no left overs:P A healthy choice too!

And still on food, if one cooks really well then a Christmas gift can also be something that one makes themselves. This year, I received a fruitcake from an aunt who actually soaked the fruits in brandy and even aged the fruitcake in brandy soaked towel resulting in a rich, potent and moist fruitcake. This year's Christmas pressie from mum in law was Crackling Roast Pork. Crunchy skin and juicy meat...definitely makes it to the top of my fave pressies:D 
Roast pork from MIL. Heated it up in the oven and served it with some cucumber and tomato omelette. Yummilicious!

Basically, Christmas gifting is simple and what matters most is the thought and not the dollars and cents that goes to it. Giving someone something from their wish list is often nice but if its gonna burn a hole in your wallet for many months to come, then one needs to think twice. So if you still have more Christmas shopping to do for the many more parties to come, think along the lines of being practical with your gifts...its about being practical with your wallet too. And if you are done with Christmas this year...well, there is still Christmas next year:D

Merry Christmas folks and thanx for dropping by to read this simple blog!!! Do head on over to stalk me on the following channels.