Mizuno Pacesetters Relay Run 2013

The last I ran in a road relay was probably 23 years ago in high school. Somehow memories of a relay in school wasn’t such a high pressure feel. With the Mizuno Pacesetters Road Relay 2013 over the weekend, I confess that I felt nervous. The fear was the inability sprint or run at high speed for 3.86km. I just don’t have the turbo boost for 3.86km. LOLZ

Anyhow over the weekend in a well organised run by the Pacesetters, its a done and dusted 4x3.86km relay with my TPRC members code named the boyz. Amazing teamwork and the boyz certainly made up for Miss Slow Poke @ Missyblurkit. We finished with a placing of 27 out of 147 teams. Good work by the Chan brothers and Praveen (who is officially back running after a 2 month hiatus in India). My time of 21.13 minutes for 3.86 km is still by far my best for this short distance though I certainly have a lot to work to be close to my boyz who were running it at 16 minutes plus.

Indeed the most painful run for me but I had so much fun, I certainly don’t mind doing it again. Though proper training needs to be in place (no more skipping my weekend runs though trips are often over the weekends)…. And the good fun from the run wasn’t just the medal or completing the relay.  It was lots of love received from pals who came in to support us in MARDI even though they were not running. And of course lots of good food from the organiser and a lovely food crawl in Sri Kembangan with the running pals for one of the best pan mer  have had for ages…and it only cost RM3.50 per bowl!

BTW…the joy of running…check out the family who took part in the relay together. Parents Lily and Peter teamed up with their kids Terence 12 and Natasha 7. No one is too young to start running so folks…grab your family and start running together! Its tonnes of fun and its a healthy activity too!
It was a painful run having to boost my way through the 3.86km. Honestly I was quite close to crying but seeing fellow runner Eng Tiong sacrifice his sleep and making his way to the run so all of us could have some awesome pics of us in action certainly made me smile and forget some of my pain.
Sweet and juicy watermelon awaits all runners. Yummy!
Friendly volunteers
Yummy nasi lemak is always a welcome
Warm bowl of smooth taufufa! Had 2 bowls of it!
RM3.50 for a bowl of pan mee somewhere in Sri Kembanagan!
Some pampering at home with the mask that Avis gave. Look at Avis' skin and you know that her practice of a mask after each run is really good one. THANX Avis!!!
Parents Lily and Peter with the cute kids Terence 12 and Natasha 7.

Full set of pics in Mizuno Pacesetters Relay Run. None watermarked pics are from Lily and ET.
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