PressRoom - Christmas & New Year Eve Menu

Christmas and New Year Eve celebration menu at the The PressRoom Bistro features a good assortment and value for money too. Returned even after the invite with some pals and I must say, quality is consistent! *applaud*

Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas day lunch is priced at RM120++ while the New Year’s eve menu is priced at RM130++.  And from now till Christmas eve, there are even affordable sets priced at RM50++, RM65++ and RM85++ for you to celebrate without burning a hole in your wallet. Mind you the following is the actual serving portion during the review and when I returned subsequently with some other pals. So its actually a wise idea to order from a few sets and share it out among yourselves.
Salad Landaise has the perfect balance of vegies, carbs and meat. My perfect meal:D
Starter for RM65++ set
Duck Rillettes and Chicken Liver Paté with toasted sourdough bread. Addictive pleasure!
Starter for RM85++ set
Starter for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch.
Oven-baked Herbed Provolone. Eat this cheesy gooey goodness really quickly! Be careful though because you do not want to scald your tongue:P
Starter for RM65++ set
Prawn Cocktail. Huge juicy prawns with a huge plate of salad...very filling for the small eater.
Starter for RM85++ set
Steak Tartare. This is my fave from the entire menu. Not too finely minced so there is still a good bite to it. Tasted best with the accompanying gherkins. BTW...that is such a gorgeous egg yolk!
Starter for RM85++ set
Mixed Cold Cuts with toasted sourdough bread. Sinful indulgence perfect with a glass of wine or beer!
Starter for RM65++ set 
Roasted Pumpkin Soup with white truffle oil
Starter for RM50++ set
Starter for New Year Eve set
Marinated Chicken Salad
Starter for RM50++ set
Moroccan Braised Lamb.
Starter for RM65++ set
Lemon Sole with roasted potatoes and Beurre Noir with capers. Totally love the sauce.
Starter for RM65++ set
Udon Carbonara. A comforting meal. Fusion but its all done right in all the departments.
Starter for RM50++ set.
The Press Room Fish & Chips. Something different and I love the idea of banana chips!
Main for RM50++ set.
Sea Bass with sautéed spinach and sun-dried tomato cream sauce. A crowd favourite for many with its crispy skin and tender flesh.
Main for RM85++ set.
Grain-fed Rib Eye Steak Frites. Juicy piece of steak cant go wrong. Ordered mine medium rare and it came just the way I liked it to be even when they were dealing with a table of 5 orders amongst the many orders for the night.
Main for RM85++ set.
Roast Turkey with chestnut stuffing, roasted sweet potato mash and cranberry sauce. Christmas is incomplete without a roast turkey. Here's a yummy thigh not for the one with a small appetite. One of the better chestnut stuffings in town. 
Main for RM85++ set.
Main for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas day lunch
Crème Brûlée with Strawberries. 
Dessert for RM65++ set.
Chocolate Volcano. A warm and rich lava that leaves chocoholics totally satisfied with this chocolate goodness.
Dessert for RM85++ set.
Christmas Pudding. Sweet with the right Christmas spices. Perfect for sharing or with a brandy:D
Dessert for RM50++, RM65++ and RM85++ sets.
Dessert for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas day lunch

And since its a lovely festive mood, why not cheers to a few festive cocktails @ RM18++ each? My faves are Vanilla Sky and Christmas Cookie. 
The Gringe and Vanilla Sky with the latter being a lovely version of Christmas egg nogs.
25th Toast is you fancy something tangy. 
Rudolf's Fuel
Chocolate Cookie...I would love this rich goodness all day long with a good book or good company!

Festive dining gets more fun with The PressRoom!
Christmas and New year Eve Menu
Christmas sets
Christmas cocktails

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