Have you used a condom and why did you use it?
Safe sex reduces sexual pleasure?
Would you have sex on a first date. Would you have sex with a stranger?

Some of your were probably wondering what was it that I have been up to asking things about condoms, sex and more. What actually happened is that I was one of the many around the world who were part of Durex' s #SOMEBODYLIKEME World AIDS Day Campaign.

Saucy as some questions were but it certainly got some minds thinking about safe sex. No doubt we had some good laughs too when pals thought my accounts were being hacked or some replied with their own style of humour. 

My personal thoughts? I absolutely loved the campaign. It isn't the conventional campaign of portraying frightening stats and ads. Its something 'radical' that gets our minds thinking and each of us are allowed our own style of questioning our own audience. Am certainly looking forward to more of such styled campaigns. Bravo Durex, Reckitt Benckiser Malaysia and Social Grooves!

AIDS is perhaps a topic that many Malaysians still find it a taboo to stalk about. Rather similar to the topic sex. Even having lost a relative and a few friends to AIDS, the folks around me are quite shy to talk about it. However, its time that everyone steps up on AIDS and sexually transmitted infections awareness. And why not start with myself talking about it? 

Since we are on it,  do note that AIDS does not kill. Its only when the body gives in to lethal infections that death may happen. And these days medication is possible to keep folks infected with the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) to be alive and pretty much leading a normal life.

Though, why wait till one is infected with HIV or diagnosed with AIDS to be aware of it? It should start so that we minimise the number of infections and fatalities. In Malaysia itself, the stats are rather (my personal opinion) worrying with a rising number of cases in the age group of 13 and 29! Ensuring continuing  HIV/AIDS awareness is crucial as many run around with the misconception that HIV/AIDS can only happen to ‘other people’ or the ‘not-me-syndrome’.

Reality is AIDS does not discriminate. You won't get it from kissing or touching an AIDS patient. Neither will you get AIDS from mosquito bites. One can get infected:
• Sexual contact with a HIV infected person. Anal, oral or vaginal sex with an infected partner means the virus into your bloodstream through microscopic breaks or rips in the delicate linings of your vagina, vulva, penis, rectum or mouth. HIV can also enter through open sores, like those caused by herpes or syphilis, if infected body fluids get in them.
• Babies can get HIV from drinking infected breast milk. During pregnancy, the ifected mother may also transmit HIV to the baby.
• Drug addicts often contract HIV via needles that are contaminated with HIV-infected blood.
• Its rare these days that people contract AIDS via infected blood or an organ transplant from an infected donor as screening requirements these says are strict.

To learn more about the #SOMEBODYLIKEME and HIV/AIDS:
Pic taken at Sydney's City Town Hall building recently when I visited during World Aids Day

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