This and That 3rd December 2013

The blog has been quiet because I have been travelling quite a bit in November and of course blur me has been careless on the last 2 trips when she left her camera and laptop behind in Kuala Lumpur:( Am finally back home before I pack my bags in a couple of days in Penang for a food trail. Thought I pen my thoughts under 'This and That'.

Waiting for an 'honest' city taxi in Mid Valley Megamall can be quite daunting. Gave up waiting for a taxi who is willing to use the meters for my journey and I proceeded to wait for the free shuttle bus to take me to Bangsar LRT station. Have to say that being tired, I am definitely less alert and certainly slow. Witnessed a snatch theft as it happened barely 2 feet in front of me.
A lady was sitting down viewing her mobile phone when a guy walked to her back and snatched her phone. He ran off to his friend who was on stand by at their bike parked about 10 metres away. Certainly wished that the taxi that was slowing down to let a passenger off had kncked the thieves off their bike. Sadly too security only realised it was a snatch theft incident a few minutes later. By then the thieves were gone and the poor girl shaken up.

Personally I feel that the bus stand in Mid Valley is rather unsafe. It should be slightly cordoned off to make it harder for snatch thieves to walk up to the folks sitting / waiting for their bus to arrive. No camera whatsoever and all the security could ask was what did we see. Hmmm... let's hope that the mall management folks look into the security of their bus stop soon!

On a lighter note! The months of October and November has been a crazy one with lots of good fun. Here's some of the highlights that I loved most. Will hopefully be able to continue with my 'almost' daily postings within this few days.
AirAsia has a new menu and the Kamal's Mee Mamak Goreng is highly recommended. 
Visited some gorgeous rice fields in Sungai Petani during my archaeological trail in Sungai Batu, Kedah. In case you are wondering, Sungai Batu is part of the famed Lembah Bujang that we studied in in school during our history lessons.
Was in Kota Bahru too and rediscovered my love for Budu. And heck the days spent in Kota Bahru was lots of fun eating with my hand too!
And watched the most amazing wayang kulit in Kota Bahru with characters from Star Wars!
Enjoyed sunset from Gunung Jerai which is the highest point in Kedah.
Was in Bangkok checking out Holiday Inn Express and the fun scenes of Bangkok. Love the Loy Krathong celebrations. Its all so colourful and vibrant.
Enjoyed my very first lou sang and its not a food review:P I am super excited with the season of yee sang that will begin really soon...
Had some pretty kiwi nails painted thanx to the folks at Zespri. Coincidentally my Zespri kiwifruit entry(s) posts won me a prize (shopping vouchers...yippeeee!!!) for the best use of kiwifruit in active lifestyle.
And on a note of yummy kiwifruit, while it is still in season, I have been incorporating clean eats into my brekkie as much as possible. Check them out on my instagram!
Wrecking my head for clean eats recipe can be daunting. So its a good thing when you have friends like Kelly who shares her recipes generously and even cook for you too!
I am awful at gambling or even the casino. Somehow with a wine casino...I did quite well!!!
And had the best sangria in a Nepalese restaurant. Amazing eh?
It took lots of patience and luck to get registered to run in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon in 2014. Registration for the full marathon closed within 3 hours! Now to start planning for my flight and stay so its shopping time with AirAsia and Agoda for the best rates!
Was in Sydney and discovered that a good way to explore Sydney is by running. There is an amazing route located at Hilton Sydney which was my comfy crib during my 4 day long weekend getaway to Australia.
Went back to school recently and it was to learn how to cook in Sydney itself! Hehehe
Became a beach bum in Bondi beach too since it was just a 20 minutes ride from my hotel. Beach bummed and ran since its darn good fun (and workout) to run at the beach!
Though I try to run as much as possible during my trips, my run mileage is way too low compared to being in Kuala Lumpur. So I reckon my running speed has certainly dropped to 'Dead Slow'. Anyone recognises where this sign is found? 
BTW, I run because I am hopeless at golf. The only thing in gold that I fairly well is putting.
Our new furkid Shiloh is still hissing and growling...though much lesser now. Fingers crossed she will be as affectionate and playful like cats should be.

No complains on life...its been brilliant despite some downs in between but yeah...I am grateful for the blessings. THANX for popping by to read. Full set of pics in This and That 3rd December 2013 on Facebook.

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