FREEBIES: Norton 360 Multi-Device

No beating around the bush. I am not giving away any angpows for CNY. Instead I will be doing is giving away three (3) sets of Norton 360 Multi-Device. 

Reason for this giveaway is to ensure that you do not lose your special moments captured in your mobile devices e.g. handphones and tablets. Imagine having those greetings, pictures and videos taken away from you by cyber criminals. Protect those precious data and memories with Norton 360 Multi-Device.

Of course being a smart cybercitizen will to a large extent ensure you don't fall prey to the cyber criminals. Here's some of the steps that you can take to protect yourself:
• Have a safe password that is hard to be guessed. Use a combination of characters and numbers, intermixed with lower and uppers case. Change your passwords often. I do mine every 3 months:D
• Turn off automatic connections to Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks. It’s best to turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions on your mobile devices. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies make it easier for cybercriminals to spy on your activities and transmit data to your device without your permission. Turn them on only when you need them and ensure that the network is secure. 
• Do not click or reply to unknown links. Tempting as it is or serious as it is, why would your bank notify you with a strange email requesting for your bank account number? Or who would be so benevolent as to bequeath you USD1 million?

And for extra and more secured protection from the cyber rogues, install a reliable malware protection that will protect you against online threats. THANX to the folks at Norton, I have three sets of Norton 360 Multi-Device that will protect up to five devices (including your mobile phone and tablets) regardless of platform or brand to be given away. 

No slogans. No answering questions. You don't have to go Like my Facebook page to qualify for the random draw (by all means you can go ahead to "like" the Facebook page if you feel like it...I am not complaining about getting more likes:P). All you need to do is to comment below that you want to own a Norton 360 Multi-Device worth RM288.99. Ensure that you enter your valid email when you comment so that the folks at Symantec can contact you on the delivery of your prize if you are one of the 3 random winners that I will pick using

And if you are wondering why Norton 360 Multi-Device is a reliable solution to protect you and your memories stored in your devices, let the 4 pictures below say it all.
Protection for PCs, Mac and mobile devices!

Life is precious and fragile. So secure your device with malware protection so you don't lose those precious moments that you have captured digitally. Download a solution like Norton 360 Multi-Device that will protect up to five devices (including your mobile phone and tablets), regardless of platform or brand. OR get it FREE here! Hurry and comment away before 3 winners will be randomly chosen to receive a Norton 360 Multi-Device worth RM 288.99 that will give 1 year protection for up to 5 devices!

Closing date is Saturday 8th February 2014!

Gong hei fatt choy everyone!!!

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Brandon Lim: 30 November 1974 - 26 January 2014

In memory of Brandon Lim. Too many words to describe you but thank you for the friendship, laughter and fun over the 4 short years. Guess our furkids picnic, running and car shoot outing will defer till we meet again. For now I shall relive and treasure the memories we had.
You were a photographer and driver. Multi tasker!
My favourite profile pic when we both took shots of each other. 
Thank you for introducing me to Corinne Bailey Rae on 19 November 2010 @ 652am. How aptly the song to share is Trouble Sleeping when we both are insomniacs.
Dinner of grilled meat somewhere in the back alleys while we chatted and admired your ride and talked cars, cameras and dogs. You are obviously one of Shalom's fave Uncles for the rubs and for giving her these yummy meats.
Finally you adopted a furkid. The funny Chinaman in you named him Money. And trust you to teach him how to write his name.
There is always awesome pics from you. No wonder Getty Images invited you to submit your work to them.
A champion driver but you are always so humble about it.
You knew the roads of Malaysia well...
But you ended up mistakenly driving to Kuantan first before heading to Kota Bahru. You claim it was a mistake but I reckon its because you just love driving and didn't mind driving the wrong direction to reach Kota Bahru.
We have yet to have the long drive trip with the Slightly Mad Drivers. But at least we have had our share of shorter drives that started with Driving Miss MRS where you were busy snapping away the moment we stop. Thank you for being a good companion and accompanying Dennis and I when we had our alternator problem.
Do you remember Disco Doggie from your first drive with us? Interesting how you concocted her name when she rolled on the ground to scratch herself.
You are not a picky eater but certainly are a fun and adventurous foodie to have around when Dennis and I crave something at the back alley of Kuala Lumpur or a sizzling claypot in the middle of nowhere. Dang! You are supposed to be eating not shooting a lizard hanging from the walls of a back alley!
The very serious you when we are at work. So disciplined that we had to pour away the whiskies from the shoot because you said no drinking alcohol while at work. 
The perfectionist in you spent many hours to get the blardy fish right.
You have a poker face but beyond the poker face is a good friend. A loyal friend. Someone that I know I could count on. You have touched our lives in more ways that you would ever know. Till we we meet again, stay good!

CNY2014: Fahrenheit88

 Flowers and animals make me happy. And a trip to Fahrenheit88 gave me that feeling with their pretty (and adorable) decors. Lots of pretty cherry blossoms, lanterns and 3D Chinese zodiac animals. 

As you walk to Fahrenheit88 you’ll feel Blossoms of Happiness with this CNY 2014 decorations mainly focus on traditional elements infused with a plethora of contemporary colours through lanterns, giant cherry blossoms, 3D Chinese zodiacs and a life-sized floral prosperity horse. 

Noted that the lanterns and cherry tree blossoms make a lovely spot for photos. So folks grab your pics with the auspicious decor. It might just make your 2014 even sweeter and better! Look closely and you will seem the intricacies of the blossoms that are actually made Chinese umbrellas. And since both the Chinese and Western Valentine's Day fall on the same day this year, a visit to Fahrenheit88 to have your couple pic is a good idea since it happens once in many years.
The 3D zodiac animals are equally lovely for photos. Take a pic with these cuddly animals with floral prints. I personally think that these zodiac animals are one of the prettier decors in town this year. And if you are wondering what lays ahead for you, then check out the astrology predictions placed with each of the animals. 

If you have yet to complete your CNY shopping, then pop by to Fahrenheit88 to check out the new shops. Redeem your cash vouchers when you spend RM150 in a maximum of 2 accumulated receipts at any specialty store or RM300 at Brands Outlet or UNIQLO. Shopping and need a lil rest in between? Then you are in for a gastronomic treat with the new eateries that opened recently. There is even a food court MFC Food World on the 2nd Floor with its unique food kiosks that serve over 200 pork free choices of Asian cuisines and local delights. 

Soak up the CNY mood too with the activities planned:
• Traditional Acrobatic Double Lion Dance
25 January @ 3pm
2, 9 and 14 February @ 3pm
• God of Prosperity Walkabout
25 and 26 January @ 6pm
2, 3, 8, 9 and 14 February @ 6pm
For more information:
T: +603 2148 5488

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Jarrod & Rawlins @ Ampwalk

Newly renovated Jarrod & Rawlins in Ampwalk sets to be one of our fave place for porky goodness and to chill after work. Not too far from my office and frankly its a nice route for me to run from office while the hubster makes his way there in his 4 wheels.

Take your pick of wine, beer or even spirits. And whisky lovers take note of their whisky promotions. There are some wicked promos that will pair very well with Jarrod & Rawlins' menu or even just for a good time with your best buddies. Never drink with an empty stomach so check out some of the yumms that you must try!
Whole Baked Camembert Cheese 250g @ RM42. Oozing and runny cheese...its hot so don't dip your fingers in! have it with some bread. Darn addictive and definitely worth the calories (if you are on a diet).
Char-grilled Pork Belly @ RM19.50 is finger licking good. Good stuff with the right balance of fat and meat. Lovely smoky touch and sweetness to it. Delightful accompaniment with a mug of Guinness!
Comforting Meatballs and Mashed Potato @ RM27.50. Can't go wrong with meatballs and mash even if you are an adult! 
Liver, Onion and Bacon with Mashed Potato, Onion Gravy and Crispy Streaky Bacon @ RM26.80. This is so so good. Even the hubster who is not into offals was happily digging into this dish. Rich, and flavourful, waste no time in digging in and forget about taking pics because you want to dig in when the liver is nice and tender. Mouthfuls of creamy liver!!! highly recommended!
Crispy Streaky Bacon with Apple Sauce @ RM11.50. Pointless to ask me if I want more of these. Just bring them out! I never say no to crispy bacon. THANX Denis for indulging me in the many (I lost count of the plates of bacon that came out to our table) servings of these yummy streaky bacon. A little dip into the apple sauce provides an interesting twist to the smokiness & saltiness of bacon.
Please can we have this Ham Serrano and Melon on the menu even if its not Christmas? TQTQTQ
Hickory Baby Back Ribs – Full Slab @ RM78 (Half Slab @ RM48). This is a highly recommended must order if you love a good bite of meat with lots of finger action. Forget the fork and knife. Dig into the ribs with your hand. Each juicy bite has the right goodness of a perfectly chargrilled sweet, smoky, salty and bitter kick. A perfect meal on its own with some coleslaw and baked potatoes to ensure we have all the necessary nutrition from one meal.
It isn't all just porky action in Jarrod & Rawlins. The Masala Lamb Skewers and Garlic Butter Paratha @ RM31.50 is a nice addition to a meal after all the porky stuff. Tender and slightly spicy skewers are really good on its own. Love it with a bite of the cucumber salad or raw onion ring on the side:D Must add that this went on really well with my glass of Strongbow cider!
Pork Dynamite Chili Sausage @ RM15.50. Spicy but you won't stop at one slice. Keep calm and enjoy this with your mug of beer, Guinness or even cider like I did:D
Mini Pulled Pork Burgers @ RM18.00 were a tad dry but no complains with some beer in hand!
J&R Mini Cheeseburgers @ RM18.00. Nothing fancy but works well if you need some fillers in your tummy:D
Creme Brulee @ RM14.50 is a nice end to dinner. A nice caramelised crust and creamy goodness.

Another reason for the hubster and I to love Jarrod & Rawlins even more is we discovered that Thursday nights was dedicated to 80s music with the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Cyndi Lauper, Tiffany, U2, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Madonna, The Bangles, Depeche Mode, Starship and more! Happy times!!!

Jarrod & Rawlins Restaurants
Lot G08B Grd Flr
218 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2166 0708

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Last year I was a volunteer at the Malaysia Women Marathon. It was fun and certainly opened up my eyes to the behind the scene preparations for a good and well organised run. So come 16 March 2014, I will be running my second full marathon for the year.

Opting to run with a pacer, one of my run buddies that I ran with during the Mizuno Pacesetter Relay last year (click to read about my first relay after 23 years). Technically I don't need a pacer but heck it will be fun to have a chataton buddy for 42.195km. The run for me this time is all about completing the race rather than chasing my personal best timing and also to encourage fellow runners to run on if they are tired or on the verge of giving up. How will I do it? Join me on 16th March 2014 and you will find out:P

MWM2014 is the only race in Malaysia for women. In fact its one of the 5 women's only marathons in the world. Sorry boys...but you can't be part of this unless:
(1) You are a volunteer
(2) You are a pacer to a female for the half marathon or full marathon.

And girls, hurry to register yourselves as there are not many places left in MWM2014. Swing by to to register. Take your pick of:
• Full Marathon: Start time: 4:45am
• Half Marathon: Start time: 5:45am
• 10km Run: Start time: 6:45am
• 5km Fun Run: Start time: 7:30am

And even if you can't run this year, no harm still joining the MWM2014 workshops! There will be workshops conducted by Catherine Nderaba, 4 times Boston marathon champion and 2 times world champion who hails from Kenya. Couple on the Run will return to speak about Partnerunning and there are also top notch runners from Australia representing Skir Sports to talk about running etc.

For more information, swing by to:

Here's some of the pics from last year and this year.
1:30am was call time for us volunteers. 
2:30am was a fun time of opening water bottles and pouring them into cups. The cup must not be too full of else its going to be spillage when runners grab their cups.
Each cup is properly arranged with a certain distance so runners can grab and go without toppling other cups. Then my wait starts before I see the first runner coming by to my water station at 5:30am:D
A runner is all dressed up with her pacer. Having their bit of fun by stopping for pictures too!
Hehehe...someone even had a wedding proposal waiting for her at the end in MWM2013! I wonder if anyone will do the same for MWM2014?
Finisher pendants for half marathon and full marathon.
Full marathoners get a finisher skirt too. Hmmm my pacer WengLeong will get a skirt too! Hehehe!

Run routes are as follows. Fret not, there will be sufficient water station, marshalls to direct traffic and medics. Rest assured and join the MWM2014! 
MWM2014 5km route
MWM2014 10 km route
MWM2014 21km and 42km route

More pics on MWM:

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