Brandon Lim: 30 November 1974 - 26 January 2014

In memory of Brandon Lim. Too many words to describe you but thank you for the friendship, laughter and fun over the 4 short years. Guess our furkids picnic, running and car shoot outing will defer till we meet again. For now I shall relive and treasure the memories we had.
You were a photographer and driver. Multi tasker!
My favourite profile pic when we both took shots of each other. 
Thank you for introducing me to Corinne Bailey Rae on 19 November 2010 @ 652am. How aptly the song to share is Trouble Sleeping when we both are insomniacs.
Dinner of grilled meat somewhere in the back alleys while we chatted and admired your ride and talked cars, cameras and dogs. You are obviously one of Shalom's fave Uncles for the rubs and for giving her these yummy meats.
Finally you adopted a furkid. The funny Chinaman in you named him Money. And trust you to teach him how to write his name.
There is always awesome pics from you. No wonder Getty Images invited you to submit your work to them.
A champion driver but you are always so humble about it.
You knew the roads of Malaysia well...
But you ended up mistakenly driving to Kuantan first before heading to Kota Bahru. You claim it was a mistake but I reckon its because you just love driving and didn't mind driving the wrong direction to reach Kota Bahru.
We have yet to have the long drive trip with the Slightly Mad Drivers. But at least we have had our share of shorter drives that started with Driving Miss MRS where you were busy snapping away the moment we stop. Thank you for being a good companion and accompanying Dennis and I when we had our alternator problem.
Do you remember Disco Doggie from your first drive with us? Interesting how you concocted her name when she rolled on the ground to scratch herself.
You are not a picky eater but certainly are a fun and adventurous foodie to have around when Dennis and I crave something at the back alley of Kuala Lumpur or a sizzling claypot in the middle of nowhere. Dang! You are supposed to be eating not shooting a lizard hanging from the walls of a back alley!
The very serious you when we are at work. So disciplined that we had to pour away the whiskies from the shoot because you said no drinking alcohol while at work. 
The perfectionist in you spent many hours to get the blardy fish right.
You have a poker face but beyond the poker face is a good friend. A loyal friend. Someone that I know I could count on. You have touched our lives in more ways that you would ever know. Till we we meet again, stay good!