CNY 2014: Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

The prettiest yee sang for me thus far will have to be Celestial Court's Appaloosa Horse 马年丰收庆团圆(双宝捞生). Its a platter of pretty colours with the character 馬 ma (horse).  A refreshing selection of ingredients to go with sliced Japanese Maguro (Tuna) and Norwegian Salmon to go with some traditional Plum Sauce. 

With the toss for prosperity, good health and luck with the delightful selection of yee sang, indulge in other tasty delights. Opt for the set menus or ala carte. The Wealth set menu is RM2,188++, Fortune set menu @ RM2,388++ and Happiness set menu @ RM2,588++. Each 9-course menu is quoted for a table of 10 persons and includes a complimentary bottle of wine. 

The Chinese New Year ala carte dishes are priced from RM38++. All CNY set menus and ala carte dishes will be available from 6th January to 14th February 2014. And if you are a SPG member, you can even enjoy 20% discount off the total food bill for Chinese New Year promotions.  

Here's some of the tasty dishes that we tasted. Each is memorable and auspicious in its name and choice of ingredients used.
锦绣前程(天宝特色双拼)Celestial Court Duo Combination of 特色双味虾 Two Preparations of Fresh Water Prawns and 鲑鱼籽芋茸带子 Scallop Yam Puff topped with Salmon Roe
特色双味虾  Two Preparations of Fresh Water Prawns. Use your fingers when dealing with this delicious dish of fried prawns with garlic and chili. A beautiful balance of flavours. Remember to dig or even suck the prawn head for its rich roe and fat - its recognised as 'brain food'! Have more for better memory:D
鲑鱼籽芋茸带子 Scallop Yam Puff topped with Salmon Roe. Sweetness of scallop balanced off with the natural saltiness of the salmon roe and creamy goodness of yam. Not overly fried to!
兴隆进宝(四宝海味羹)Braised Premium Treasures Soup with Dried Seafood. Rejoice! There is no sharks fin in this bowl of nourishing goodness with lots of crab meat, scallops and sea cucumber. Yummier with a little bit of vinegar!
年年有余(上汤金菇浸鳕鱼)Simmered Cod Fish with Enoki Mushroom and Wolf Berries in Superior Broth. Thick cut of cod cooked just right to retain the natural creamy texture of the cod with a very healthy touch of enoki mushrooms and wolf berries (keichi). If I had a bowl of white rice with me, I will drown it with the gravy.
代代平安(干贝鲍鱼酿豆袋 Braised Abalone Treasures Pockets with Dried Scallop and Vegetables And auspicious dish with the goodness of diced abalone, scallop, mushroom and carrots stuffed into the pockets of each of the Japanese tofu skin Aburage. Each bag is synonymous with stuffing your wallet with money, gold, jewellery and more.
五福呈祥(鲍鱼仔海参魚鰾发菜)Braised Baby Abalone with Baked Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Sea Moss. This is one of my all time fave dish for CNY. Soft pieces of sea cucumber and fish maw to go with the luxurious pieces of flavourful abalone.and textures. Yes, I will like this with a bowl of white rice please!
满屋生辉(鲍汁烧鸭干贝焖饭)Braised Rice with Roast Duck and Dried Scallop in Abalone Sauce. A totally unique dish of braised rice unlike the usual works of steamed wax meat rice. Its flavourful with the yummy goodness of roast duck and lots of dried scallops. 

Pork free Celestial Court once again whips out a good festive menu for CNY under the Executve Chinese Chef Vincent Loo. Remember to sign up for your SPG card so that you can enjoy the 20% off the festive menu!

Celestial Court
Level 3
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
T: +603 2717 9922

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