#28DaysFIX Challenge Completed!

Its the end of my #28DaysFIX Challenge. Being underweight, I am not undertaking the challenge to shave off any more weight. Instead I am looking to be more fit and toned. I am still not as toned as I would love to be but yes, there has been an overall improvement that I am quite pleased over a short 4 weeks.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened or changed in my lifestyle. I ate clean as much as I could and pretty much ran to stay fit. Wore my Vero sports bra from Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active range to give me the support. For shorter runs (5km or less) and strengthening workouts, I wore my Neubodi Active Haute Slim Capri. 

Eating clean is simple for me. While I cannot avoid meals outside during my working hours, the least I could do is to kick start each morning with a fruits and vegie smoothie. No hard and fast rule of what goes into each morning's smoothie. No time is a lousy excuse because it takes less than 10 minutes each day to chop up my choice fruits or vegie and then let the food processor do its job. In each cup is loads of vitamins, anti oxidants and plenty of fibre! 
Concoction of pineapple, watermelon and celery. Packed with vitamins and helps to reduce water retention. 

After the 28 days, I must say that my Vero sports bra actually gave me the support I needed. While I am not voluptuous, any unnecessary movement in the boobies departments is certainly not welcomed because it will hamper my running posture and speed. 

The greatest challenge that the Vero went through was to support me for my recent marathon in Hong Kong. Ran all 42.195km and I survived the run without any chaffing whatsoever unlike my virgin full marathon during RJM that left me with a few chaffs. A few elements went into my best run ever (click to read about my marathon in Hong Kong) and I must say that wearing the right sports bra and in this case the Neubodi Vero certainly made a difference. 

Its a love hate relationship with the Neubodi Active Haute Slim Capri. Love it because wearing it makes me sweat so much. A good detox with each workout even if its short strengthening sessions at the gym or home. Hate it because it makes a swishy sound when i legs rub against each other But having said that, plugging my ears with music will get rid of that sound. What matters most is that I a good sweat every time I wear it. And with the good sweat and drinking plenty of water after workout, I can feel an overall improvement in my water retention problem. While I still have some cellulite, I noted that the tummy is definitely flatter and best of all, the skin is rather clear over the 4 weeks even though I have not been sleeping as much as I should.

The #28DaysFIX challenge is over but I am certainly feeling good! Of course I will be continuing with my healthy endeavour. Why? Because I want to be able to enjoy life and that is only possible if I stay fit and healthy. Plus, I really don't want to put into practice the second part of the wedding vows "for worse"...pity the hubster if he has to take care of a sick or weak wife!

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