Staying active is perhaps one of my greatest joy. Nothing beats a good sweat to feel all alive, kicking and sweating a bucket of sweat to detox and burn the calories...with the amount of food I eat every couple of hours, I definitely need to burn them off somewhere. So far its been lots of fun running, throwing some punches at kickboxing and a little bit of strength work at the gym. Decided to take up at #28DaysFIX challenge recently with the folks at Neubodi to see how I can maximise each workout session that I have.

Typically Neubodi, a proper fit is a must for my bosom buddies. Had a fitting session to make sure I am fitted with the right sports bra for my different workouts. Unlike other sports bras that goes by sizes of s, m, l, xl etc, the Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active takes into consideration a girl's cup size. This ensures a proper fit like all Neubodi bras - important as insufficient support and unnecessary bounce will weaken our bosom buddies resulting is saggy boobs!

Also picked up Neubodi's Active Haute Slim Capri to help burn extra calories. Seems a tad thick but its really light weigh. Adopting neoprene heat technology in the fabric, the pants works to insulate our thighs, bum and tummy when we are working out. One certainly sweats buckets when wearing it even for simple weights in the gym or even walking the staircase. 
A short morning run of 10km with my buddies and I perspired more than usual despite even though we started our run at 630am.
Even for indoor workouts like walking the staircase at night, I was sweating buckets! BTW...walking the staircase is good for cardio and also strengthwork if you don't have access to the gym or are not fond of the gym.
The Active Haute Slim pants are also available in blue. 

Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active comes in various designs to fit your choice of sports. The designs are really pretty and I am looking forward to seeing more colour and design options hitting the stores later this month.
White goes really easy with just about any colours.
Love this and hopefully it makes its way to our shelves real soon:D
My purple and green Vero was my CNY assemble on day 1. Wore it when I went CNY visiting and straight for my evening run.
Velo is also available in my fave colour of black:D
Took a challenge and ran with it for 24km. Absolutely comfortable, no chaffing, no bounce and it kept me dry throughout my run. Certainly looking forward to running my full marathon in my Velo by Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active.
Girlfriend tested and lab approved...its certainly stylish, comfortable and offers the necessary support for my workouts. Available from A - E cup, the "Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active" will definitely change the way you move and feel when you work out! In case you are wondering, Moving Comfort is the sister company of sports company Brooks.

Its been a positive experience in Neubodi's Active range for the past one week. Am pleased with the Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active for the good support. Reaping a better sweat and more calories burnt with my Active Haute Slim pants is even more satisfying. Can't wait to see how the next 3 weeks will go with my first International race in Hong Kong happening in 14 days time and a reduction of my cellulite!

Stay tuned to my updates and progress on the following channels! Do also drop me a line if you have any health or fitness tip that you want to share with me:D

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