Bankara Ramen

The ramen craze is still running full force. Keeping me happy these days (a stone throw away from my office) is Tokyo based Bankara Ramen in Avenue K. Opened a couple of weeks back, this is one of the many food gems in the recently revamped shopping mall that has quite an interesting selection of tenants for both fashion (H&M, Muji, Cotton On and more) and food (Tsukemen & Izakaya Ieyasu, Marutamen Ramen, Grappa and more).

Service in Bankara Ramen is prompt and extremely friendly. Overall the team is very attentive except for missing out my egg on my maiden visit...still everything else makes up for it. Be there early if you want to check out their tonkotsu (which I have not been successful as I have been visiting only for my late dinners). If you love taking pics of your food, this place is absolutely delightful. Its bright enough for decent pics yet its nice and cozy in its own way.
A bowl of garlic at every table complete with garlic press. Perfect to scare away vampires and garlic lovers like me. Added it into my ramen and also rice:D
Bankara Original RM21. Rich bowl of satisfying broth bursting with the goodness of pork goodness with firm ramen served with luscious chashu, bamboo shoots, seaweed and a generous douse of Japanese onions. 

Kakuni Bankara RM30 which is pretty much the original bankara above but with with added piece of their signature kakuni or braised pork belly.
Negi Buta Meshi RM13 is a must for rice lovers! Love the fluffy Japanese rice served with a generous serving of chopped chasu, special sweet sauce, Japanese onion and seaweed. The buta kakuni don would have been a good choice since the pork belly is sinfully good but I am not a fan of mayonaise. 

Ni Tamago RM2.50. Medium boiled eggs marinated in Bankara ramen's special sauce. Good on its own. Good with a bowl of ramen. Good also with don.

Bankara Ramen Malaysia
Second Floor
Avenue K
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur

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