Koufu Trendy @ One City

One other fave Chinese cuisine that I love but can hardly find good ones is Fuzhou food. A recent vist with Merryn and SY to Koufu Trendy brought back yummy memories of my delicious food trail in Setiawan during my college days. 

While One City is still work in progress, Koufu Trendy is located at the completed shoplots with ample parking. Choose to sit indoors or venture to the back for some fresh air. There's quite a bit of space for a child to run around to work out an appetite too.

My cravings for Setiawan has always been the lu mien and the wantans. Lu mien some might agree with me but why wantan? Most of us are accustomed to eating wantan in plain soups. A visit to Setiawan market (which I have been informed by friends that the stall does not make it as good as the old days) and you will be rewarded with wantan served in a broth that is similar to Laksa. 
Wantan in Laksa Soup RM4.90 (S) and RM9.90 (B)
Wantan with pork filling served in a bowl of very appetizing bowl of laksa broth with a generous serving of ikan kembung (mackerel). A tad spicy and sour, its gives a whole new dimension to a bowl of wantan soup. In fact once you have tasted this, you may not be too keen with the usual plain bowl of wantan:P
Wantan Soup RM5.90(S) and RM9.90(B)
And if you have a child with you or can't survive spiciness then a bowl of wantan in plain soup is possible. 
 Koufu Long Yen Noodle RM 8.90
The texture of the noodle is somewhat similar to "mee hoon ke" (pan mee) except that it is smoother and has a slightly chewy texture. Served in a thick broth, it is actually a very comfortable bowl of noodles. 
Fried Meat Wantan Dried Noodle RM7.90
A complete meal on its own with a generous serving of  fried meat with some crunchy beancurd skin to give the noodles a nice texture. Love the noodles because its almost el dente.
Koufu Deep Fried Meat RM7.90 (S) and RM15.90 (B)
Well marinated and fried to perfection. The correct cut makes a difference too as each bite comes with a crispy skin and moist meat. Not overly fatty but just nice. Sinfully addictive too because you won't stop on the first slice or the first plate.
Premium Koufu Red Wine Chicken RM16.90
This is highly recommended with the red wine being made by the owner's mum in law. Good stuff when eaten with mee suah (sent in from Setiawan every week). Good for confinement ladies too! Free range chicken, Bentong ginger, hard boiled egg and smooth mee suah (salted wheat noodles) makes this a very delightful meal. Do not be turned away by the intensity of the colour as this is the natural colour of the wine.
Red Glutinous Pork RM12.90 (S) and RM23.90 (B)
Again do not be turned off by the redness! Tender pieces of pork laced with the delightful flavours of the red rice wine.
Koufu Traditional Fried Noodles RM7.90
More noodle galore. You can never have enough of the noodles in Koufu. The noodles are made by the owner's father in law using a traditional recipe that he has followed for years. Love the wok hei of the noodles!
Koufu Lu Mien with Laksa RM7.90
Another highly recommended must have. Read that some complained that lu mien smelt and tasted horrible. The bamboo shoots in used in the lu mien broth does have a unique taste and smell. Its either one likes the taste of the bamboo shoots (also known as rebung in our region) or hate it and it had nothing to do with Koufu Trendy serving a bad dish etc because its really the way it is supposed to be.  And if you are not keen of the smell, then a way to get around the bamboo shoot smell is actually to check out the lu mien with laksa broth like how we did and the picky hubbies in our dining group loved it and did not complain of whatever "strange smell" that some folks talked about.
Kong Piang RM3.50 (S) and RM6.90 (B)
A must have in Setiawan and do it while its hot from the oven. Filled with pork filling and witha  lovely sesame coated crust, this is good on its own or a lil di into some chili sauce.recipe. LOL.
Koufu Ten Treasures Tongshui RM5.90
A nice cool end to our meal. Is there 10 treasures? Yes indeed there is because we managed to scoop all ten for our photos:D

Craving Fuzhou food? Then this is one that you must head in to to satisfy your cravings. And if you are from Setiawan or have experience Setiawan's hawker fare then this will certainly be a must visit!
Koufu Trendy
B-11-GF Garden Shoppe One City
Jalan USJ25/1A
Subang Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
T: +603 5115 0001 / +6012 393 5092
Rear outdoor sitting
Front entrance
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