Mun Kee Steam Fish Head @ Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park

Our first experience of Mun Kee Steam Fish Head was when they were at the Chinese Village (now demolished). They moved to their current location in Jalan Imbi and over the last few years opened up a few branches. The latest is in Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park. Love this location as parking is plenty (free parking for 2 hours at the carpark beside Mun Kee) and if you want the added convenience of a car wash there is one here too!
We visited Mun Kee twice over the week. Love the quick service. Average wait for food is 10 minutes. It is also a good point for us because we are allowed to bring Shalom along and the staff are friendly with the kiddo.

The first visit was just the hubster and I. A meal for 2 was RM41.40 -  a pot of tea, 2 bowls of rice, one plate of spinach and a steam fish with ginger.
Siong tong yun choi - Spinach in superior broth. A good start to our meal with a generous serving of spinach, sliced garlic, century egg and goji berry. Not too salty and the portion served could fill 4 soup bowls. 
Steamed "soong yu"with ginger is one of my fave preparations for steamed fish when we dine out. Some may argue that this fish (also known as the Asian carp) has lots of bones but its really very 'sweet' and tasty. Love the aroma and 'spiciness' from the chopped ginger. And if you like to spice things up, you can always eat it with the potent cut red chili that they serve.
These birds eye chili are not for the fain hearted. Lots of ooomph!
Serving portion for RM41.40 may be a tad big for small eaters but I am not complaining:D

Round 2 a few days later was the 4 of us. Noted that the curry fish head was pretty popular when we last visited. 
Curry fish head is served piping hot in a claypot. While the taste is not as rich and creamy as Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Tiga (click to read post) its still a very delightful curry fish head.
RM30 for a generous serving of vegetables and fish! Extra rice for the 2 boys despite having taken 3/4 of my rice:P
Their signature tofu with mince  meat, shrimps and cili padi.  The mince is very addictive and I found myself eating it on its own. A tad spicy for those who can't eat spicy but it went well for the 4 of us since we love a spicy kick to our meals. The tofu is lightly fried with a nice crisp skin while the the insides remained soft and creamy. If you love the rich beany tasting tofu, then this is a must order!
Remember this rose? Kudos for using it as part of the garnishing. Nice nostalgic touch to our meal:D
Squid battered with salted egg and deep fried. While the colour is not dark as one would have expected, the flavour is not compromised. Each squid is generously coated with salted egg with a nice sweet salty touch to every bite. Best of all, the squid was not chewy!
We love our vegies and we love spinach. So its a large plate of plain stir fried spinach with only sliced garlic. Simple and with enough wok hei!
RM88.80...darn auspicious bill for a meal for 4 persons inclusive of tea, water and rice.

For simple and no fuss meal (no aircon, no fancy cutlery or ambiance), Mun Kee Steam Fish Head is highly recommended for reasons of good food, fast service and ample parking!
Mun Kee Steam Fish Head
Kuchai Lama Entrepreneur Park
T: +6012 21 777 86
Landmark: behind Pappa Rich and opposite Restoran Ming Yang.

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