SCHKM 2014...Here I come

In 29 hours time, I will be running my first International Full Marathon in Hong Kong. Oh yeah...a whole 42.195km in a foreign land. I am certainly excited because its almost a year from last year that I mentioned to my running buddies that I want to be trained for a half marathon or full marathon in the 2014 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (SCHKM). 

Almost a year of training with lots of good tips and guidance from the running community so I think its time to give it my best shot and have some fun while running in a foreign land. Here's a glimpse at some of my preparations over the 12 months:
Lots of running each week with majority of my mileage clocked in over the weekends with TPRC buddies.
Booked my flight with AirAsia. Pre booking meals on your Air Asia flight is a good idea because you save money and get to be served earlier too:D Carbo loading continues (and honestly I don't consume enough carbs) and being in a CNY mood I opted for the CNY Combo.
Booked my room via Agoda. Discovered that there is also the mobile version! Available for both iOs and Android users, it is a breezy process to use the Agoda app from the mobile phone. This handy app features the full booking functionality similar to the web version. The best part of this app is the “Insider Deals” which are special/flash discounts of up to 40% or more, applicable only for bookings made via the Agoda app. It is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play, so grab yours and plan for your next hurrayday!
Using Agoda app, I have decided to stay at the relatively new Pop Hotel in Canton Road. A boutique hotel within 7 minutes walking distance to Mongkok MTR station to give me easy access to SCHKM start and end venues. 
Picking the right running gear makes a difference. Will be running in my Saucony Mirage 3. Absolutely love this shoes to bits. It had corrected the way my feet lands when I run. The weather is a tad windy now in Hong Kong and because my flag off is at 6:10am, I will be wearing my CW-X compression tights to keep me warm and also to hold my muscles etc together. Versus my other tights, I love this for the its special stitching that gives me the necessary support for my hamstring and ITB that suffered some injuries mid last year. Haven't quite decided on my cap but I think I will most probably wear my fave Subaru STI cap. A must have in my Newton Hydration belt to carry my own fuel of chocolates, salt tablets and emergency energy gel. I don't believe in consuming energy gels for training but the added boost or fuel is welcomed during races as we run at a different pace during the actual race. 
Support for my bosom buddies in my very comfortable Neubodi Vero in black...Black tocoordinate with my overall black and pink outfit:D
A fear that the weather may turn cold due to the winds. So the raincoat works to shield me from the wind before we start running. Gloves will be brought along if the weather turns cold on Sunday morning...again this is for my pre run and perhaps my first few km. Blue...because I initially intended to wear my blue colour Saucony Mirage 3. The raincoat is now also white in colour instead of pink. Shall update with pics when I head into the race on Sunday. 
Spent some time looking at the route and the elevation climb for the marathon. Of course was also busy reading the notes from my Sifu on How To Run a Marathon in 6 Hours (click to read).
Watched my food intake and started only carbo loading yesterday. Wasn't an easy task as I am not to fond of many carb meals. So a way of getting my carbs was to incorporate my favourite oats into my smoothies:D Eating clean also ensures that I recover from a race faster. Yeah...I have not had a drop of alcohol for 2 weeks. Its an International race and I certainly want to finish the race within the cut off time of 6 hours!

Hmmm...wish me luck that I can complete my first International race in a good time. Do also send your good vibes over for the rest of the runners his Sunday! There will be more pics post race in the album SCHKM2014. Do also head on over to the following channels to stalk me for more daily updates!