Thai Camp @ Paramount Garden

Craving some porky Thai goodness with the yumminess of a Thai chef's homely touch, then Thai Camp is the perfect place to head in. Its simple but wholesome Thai delights that will have you wanting to return for more!

The wait when we visited during their 2nd week of business was a tad long but the wait was certainly worth it. By now, I trust that the manpower issue would be pretty much sorted out. In our case (Dennis and KY), we savoured and enjoyed their refreshing iced lemongrass and pandan drinks that were made from scratch while we chatted on food spots to check out.

The menu has a nice mix of pork, poultry and seafood. I have been told by my Thai friend that the menu is a typical Thai that you will savour when you are in Bangkok or if you are living with a Thai family.
Moo Ma Naw RM18. Simple but very appetizing pork salad with a spicy lime sauce. 
Pla Neung Ma Naw RM35. Simple and perfectly steamed fish with lots of garlic, lime and chili. Love the bottom layer of chinese cabbage that gave the gravy an added natural sweetness. We pretty much slurped up the gravy as soup:D
Tom Ka Kai RM15. I am not much of a fan of coconut milk but this white chicken tom yum is a refreshing change to the usual green curry or tom yum that we are accustomed too. Creamy but not overwhelming, it boost of a lovely creamy nuttiness of coconut with lots of spices and chicken chunks. This may well call for an extra bowl of rice if you love curry or tom yum.
We wanted kangkung but it was sold out. Must be the kangkung craze that was the hot topic everywhere even at restaurants. The Phad Phak Ruam RM15 was a simple stir fry of assorted vegetables with prawns. Loved the fact that the vegies were not overcooked with a nice bite to it.
 Phad Kra Pao. We opted for roasted pork stir fried with holy basil and finely chopped long beans. A nice way to get people started on eating vegetables because the roasted pork makes the julienned raw cabbage and long beans absolutely appetizing.
Kai Yeaw Ma Khra Prao Grob RM18. I love century eggs and tasting fried century egg is something new to me. There is something about deep frying the century egg that adds more than just texture to it. The taste is enhanced! The outside is nice and crispy but the creaminess of the good old fashion century eggs remains when your teeth sink in. Served with mince meat and some deep fried holy basil, I will be ordering this on the next trip all to myself. No sharing!!!

And if you want something quick for lunch, then check out their set lunches priced from RM6.50. Will be revisiting soon since a few of the dishes I had in mind were sold out during our first visit.

Thai Camp
37 Jalan 20/7
Taman Paramount
Petaling Jaya

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