Breakfast Combos on AirAsia

Breakfast is the most important meal of each day. I will never skip my brekkie no matter how busy or how tired I am. AirAsia introduces Breakfast Combos on their flights. With an assortment of breakfast to suit most tastebuds kudos to AirAsia for this new move.

Purchase your Breakfast Combo on board the flight between 5.30am – 11.00am. Prebooking of these Breakfast Combo meals will be coming soon. Each set is priced from RM10 and comes with a T&Co coffee or teh tarik.

Starting from Rm10 per set.
Combo A: Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak + Free T&Co Coffee OR T&Co Teh Tarik RM12
A traditional Malaysian favourite fragrant coconut rice served with Pak Nasser's special chilli sambal and tender chicken rendang, accompanied with traditional condiments of fried anchovies, crunchy groundnuts and half of a hard-boiled egg.

Combo B: Roti Canai with Chicken Curry + Free T&CO Coffee ORT&CO Teh Tarik RM10
One of Malaysia’s favourite breakfast meals, this popular Indian-influenced delicacy is a simple representation of paratha bread, cooked to golden brown with chicken and potato curry on the side. The soft and fluffy texture of the paratha bread will surely put a smile on anyone’s tummy!

Combo C Scallop Congee + Free T&CO Coffee OR T&CO Teh Tarik RM10
A popular Chinese breakfast dish, this warm and savoury rice congee is the ideal breakfast meal. The flavoursome portion of scallop and mushroom bits, complemented by condiments such as soft ground nuts, spring onions and minced chicken are bound to set your cravings at ease. 

COMBO D: Pancake with Butter and Maple Syrup + Free T&CO Coffee OR T&CO Teh Tarik RM10
A stack of 3 irresistible hot pancakes topped with creamy butter and sweet maple syrup just the way you like them. A great way to start the morning but also works for an all-day pick-me-up indulgence.

I personally love the pancake and nasi lemak. Will be checking out the congee and roti canai on my next trip!

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