Brooks Half Marathon 2014

Contrary to what people think of trainings being boring and regimental routes or routines, there are some ways to spice things up. Participate in a race! And that was precisely what I did 2 weeks ago before I began tapering for MWM2014. The Brooks Half Marathon 2014 was a nice 21km distance and gave me a relief from my usual training route. 

It was a tad hazy but the organisers went ahead with the condition improving as time went on. Due credits to be given to the organisers for making clear and frequent announcements to the participants that they will be entitled to their finisher medal and goodie bags should they choose to forfeit from running in view of the weather conditions. I went ahead as I was comfortable and had ran in worse conditions. Its not something I would encourage people to do in the long run but the Brooks Half Marathon was merely going to be a fun run for me. A mere easy paced run for me to cover the necessary mileage.

So off I ran with ample water stations filled with water and isotonic. Good and friendly marshalls who obviously woke up much earlier than I did to report for duty but were still alert and energetic enough to greet us and encourage us to keep running. The route is a tad hilly at some stage but it proved to be a refreshing as I had no idea where I was running. Neither had I been through most of the route. Must say that I discovered a new area of Bukit Jalil because of this run. 

Finished my run at a comfortable nett time of 2:20:55. It was also my very first time running without my hydration belt, leaving me to rely on water stations..a move that I am glad I did! So will certainly be running more runs without my hydration belt in future unless its a maiden race.
Regardless of whether one ran 5km, 10km or 21km, everyone certainly had fun. Lots of food and drinks were available at the stadium when we ended our runs. Iced cold Milo, thirst quenching watermelon, soothing tau fu fah and this time I was glad to see energizing Malta! Its one of my fave energy drinks after sports especially when its served really chilled. Retail therapy for many continued even after the race with big discounts for Brooks shoes and clothes plus many other brands of sports related nutrition and gears. 

THANX Malta for roping me in for this run. It has been indeed a nice training session from the norm...and of course the yummy Malta in my finisher goodie bag. Lost count of the cups of Malta  I drank after my run too... 

More pics (not much since I was busy running rather than snapping pics) in the album Brooks Half Marathon 2014. Do head on over to the following channels to stalk me for daily updates on food, running and random things I do!
Finisher goodies included a medal, Malta and Brooks tshirt (which I am glad came in Size XS!)
Hazy and a tad warm, I also had a young coconut to help my body cool down and detox after a hazy run.