Bye Bye Muffin Top

I shared the above picture on my Facebook earlier today. Lots of questions about those marks and whose belly etc. Well, that's the belly of a skinny girl who has problems with cellulite and a muffin top. Its all marked for Doctor Angeline to administer the necessary radio frequency to melt my fatty belly away under a non invasive procedure called Liposonix.

Last year, I wrote about Liposonix and whether it was for me. 

I finally fixed my mind to see a doctor for help to rid myself of a very irritating muffin top that bulges when I sit and makes it impossible to don a bikini without a budge on the abdomen. I confess that I am not brave enough to go under the knife and I honestly don't trust beauticians with any slimming procedure. A clean diet and regular exercise wasn't helping me to rid my muffin top.

So I continued with my reading on Liposonix and decided that I needed some help in the form of Liposonix. My confidence in it is simple:
• Its a single treatment that I can do over my lunch break (approximately one hour procedure).
• Its only administered by qualified Doctors.
• Its non invasive and is a progressive reduction of fat over 8 to 12 weeks time after one single treatment.

Some pics from my experience at En-hanze Medical Aesthetics Centre.  Call En-hance and an appointment was set up with Dr Angeline. Before she examined me, she asked me "Are you sure you have fat around your waist?". Hahaha but looks can be deceiving. Obviously I wasn't walking around in my bikini or bearing my midriff because I actually have stubborn ugly bulging fat there.

So I lifted my tee and she smiled. The fat was there and I have been keeping them well hidden under my clothes:D But that itself did not qualify me as an ideal candidate for Liposonix. During my consultation, we went through questions including my lifestyle, medical history and of course a physical pinch test. Yeah...this skinny girl has more than 1.5" of fat around her waist...and in some parts at least 2" of it!

I was briefed as to what to expect during the treatment and post treatment. Its all done very meticulously. Some patients may experience tingling sensations, some spots were perhaps more sensitised during the treatment. Dr Angeline also informed me that some may bruise a few days after the treatment. And it was good that at all times, Dr Angeline made sure that I understood what I was reading and what she was telling me. 

Next was to prepare me for my Liposonix treatment. The fatty areas that needed the treatment was marked and in total I had 15 squares on me. A friend thought I wanted to play some sort of game on my belly. While another thought I was into belly dancing! No my friends... I have been marked for Dr Angeline to administer Liposonix on me. 

In my case, the first square that Dr Angeline administered Liposonix felt a bit ticklish but I settled down really quick. Brought my iPod along because I thought that I needed to distract myself in case the procedure was uncomfortable. Turned out that it was relaxing that I could have dozed off. My hour long session was soon over in the blink of an eye and pretty much did not feel any discomfort except at the bony part of my hip bone. Must say that Dr Angeline was very attentive and we chatted to distract on the uncomfortable bit. 

Liposonix uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to target the fats under our skin around the abdomen and love handles. HIFU is different from radio frequency and lasers which often focuses only to the top surface of the skin. HIFU is able to penetrate through the skin layers and hit the subcutaneous fat tissue without harming skin or surrounding tissues. No fear that HIFU will harm your organs or bones as there are settings to be used on different parts of your abdomen. 

With Liposonix, the HIFU will rid the targeted fat around the abdomen in a non invasive manner. Results will be seen around 8 to 12 weeks. Its no instant and this means you are not losing water like other treatments. Instead the 8 to 12 weeks will see an average of 1" off your belly! And the 1" that we are talking about here is the normal time frame for one's body to metabolise and process the fat for our body to rid it naturally. 

Its been 2 weeks since I had my Liposonix treatment. I have not experienced any form of bruising whatsoever thus far. Liposonix is no short cut to say bye bye to my muffin top and bulging belly. Instead it is to assist me to rid it while I maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle of clean eats and exercising. And of course, one will be expecting a more optimum results if one keeps a healthy lifestyle. So that is precisely what I am doing. Kicking start my day with healthy fruit and vegetables smoothies, I also keep an eye on the amount of processed food, fried food, sweet stuff and alcohol that I consume. Yes some exercise too to help me stay healthy and my faves are to walk, run and kickboxing. Coming up next is my update in 4 weeks time which I hope to see a more toned abdomen. Bye bye muffin top and hello to a toned bikini body!

For more information on Liposonix, check out their website You can also check out the list of medical centres that are licensed to perform this procedure. I like Dr Angeline from En-hanze Medical Aesthetics Centre so on a personal note, I will say do contact her or the medical centre to know more about Liposonix.
En-hanze Medical Aesthetics Centre
Suite 206, Level 2, Block D
Phileo Damansara 1, No. 9, Jalan 16/11
Off Jalan Damansara
46350 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
T: +603 7960 1788

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