Domestic Goddess and Bacon Aubergine

Being a Domestic Goddess can be fun especially when it involves playing in the kitchen. Whether its a workday or the weekend, being in the kitchen makes me happy. Whipping out simple dishes such as Bacon Aubergine is simply therapeutic. I can't say the same for having to clean up or tidy the home - and I still frown at the daily thought of housekeeping:(

Recipe to put a smile with Bacon Aubergine is simple. All I needed was aubergine, tomatoes and bacon. Herbs and spices were entirely up to one's imagination or preference though I only relied on some some dried rosemary and black pepper. Popped them into the oven for 20 minutes @ 180C and dinner is ready!
Nutritious and tasty aubergine and tomatoes. Some call it eggpplant. garden egg or brinjal. Whatever the name or shape, the aubergine is a delicious plant that is now believed to be beneficial to patients with cancer and high cholesterol.
• Rub the aubergine and tomatoes with black pepper and dried rosemary. 
• Layered the tomatoes, aubergine and bacon and topped with more bacon. The bacon on top were crispy while the ones underneath were soft and slightly chewy.
• Juices from the bacon flavoured the vegetables making it very palatable for even folks who don't like the rather flat tasting aubergine.
Serve with love:D

Now the not so fun part of being a Domestic Goddess is definitely cleaning up and tidying the house. Having 2 furkids at home is not helping as they both seem to be taking turns to shed! So this Domestic Goddess needs an assistant! Was at Harvey Norman recently and saw the new Electrolux Ergorapido 3rd Generation. Looks promising and I love its standing feature and sleek looks (I can just let it be part of the living room decor:P). Yet to buy it but have a look at the video...let me know your thoughts if its a good buy.

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