MH370 - What You Can Do for MH370!

I will NOT use the words "fatal flight", "tragedy", "ill fated flight" "yet to find debris". Those are negative words. Right now I will hold on to the notion that flight MH370 is merely missing even though its coming to 3 days.

Miracles happen and MH370 could possibly be one of them!

And as usual, I plead with my friends and readers to please verify the news you have read before blindly sharing them out. Also please read and understand what is written in the reports. After the past 2 days you should all be able to figure out that many reports have been WRONG and also been giving false hopes to many of us. Share only VERIFIED updates.

This is also not a time to point fingers to which ever authority is right or wrong etc. Save your energy and do the right thing. Do your part of praying for MH370 and its passengers, crew and their loved ones. If you do not believe in prayers at least send out positive vibes!