Recipe: Smoked Salmon Salad

Clean eats continues and the following Smoked Salmon Salad is my entry for Chef Nadia Lim's Mystery Bag Food Challenge. Simple, no frills recipe that anyone can whip our even if you do not have a kitchen.

The recipe calls for no dressing (like most of my other salads). I love relying on the ingredients to flavour a salad. In this salad, the watermelon and passion fruits provides tonnes of flavour while the avocado adds on a creamy texture. And for some added crunch, the breadcrumbs come in handy with a clean taste to it too.

Recipe: Smoked Salmon Salad
2 passion fruit
The crinkled ones are sweeter:D
2 avocadoes
200g watermelon
2 Japanese cucumber
2 tablespoon Fogdog Panko Breadcrumbs (from the Mystery Bag)
There is more to breadcrumbs than just using them to coat your meat for frying...
Manuka Smoked Salmon (from the Mystery Bag)

• Cube watermelon, avocado and cucumber.
• Slice salmon.
• Toss passion fruit, watermelon, avocado, walnuts and smoked salmon well to coat the ingredients with the juices of the fruits.
• Top with breadcrumbs before serving.

##You can add hard boiled egg too for extra protein but I have been eating too much eggs over the week, so am going easy with eggs this week.

Low in calories and high in nutrition. Simple enough for lazy days. It may seem a tad big for many but I love having a whole salad for a meal itself. This salad is definitely a complete meal of its own with protein, fibre and even carbohydrates for me to recover from my run this morning. Carbs? Yes...there are carbs in my choice of watermelon, avocadoes and passion fruit. In fact these are good carbs!

Full set of pics: Recipe: Smoked Salmon Salad
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