Running in Sydney

When I travel whether local or overseas, I have a tendency of packing my trainers with me. Its perhaps one of the best way to explore a city. Given the chance, I will like to have a trip soon exploring a city or country just by running (and that excludes running a marathon). Its a whole lot of difference moving around your 2 feet seeing, smelling than on and off your car or bus. Cycling to check out a city is also just as fun. But since I am hopeless at cycling, running is my best option. On my last trip to Sydney, I took opportunity of a few of runs. Took 3 city runs within my hotel and one at Bondi Beach.

Since I stayed at Hilton Sydney (click to read Sydney's Walk, Shop & Eat Gems), a run around the hotel vicinity was a must. Explored 3 different routes. On day one I stayed to the route that was mapped out for me by Hilton's GM. On day 2 I explored a little more on my own and did a couple of loops on Day 3 at Hyde Park since I started out my run after sleeping in. A run at Bondi Beach is a definite must do if you are a beach bum like me.

Day 1 was approximately 10.66km. The weather was nice and cool despite the skies looking really bright. Armed with my map, it was a scenic route of an assortment of things to see and smell. Carried AUD 10, my phone and map to explore the city. I wasn't alone as there are many likeminded folks either walking, running or cycling.
George St - Market St - Prymont Bridge - one loop of Darling Harbour - King St Wharf - Sussex St - Hickson Rd (Bangaroo - Dawes Point - Sydney Harbour Pylon Lookout - Campbells Cove - The Rocks) - Sydney Passenger Terminal - Circular Quay - Sydney Opera House - Royal Botanic Garden - Art Gallery Road - St Mary's Cathedral - Hyde Park - St James Rd - George St.
Nice and dark but it soon turned bright by the time I put on my gear.
Streets devoid of traffic
Prymont Bridge
Clearly designed for pedestrians and cyclists.
Totally safe!
An interesting display at a roundabout near Millers Point
Ran softly and quietly because someone was fishing:D
Its a scenic run that I took my time to run and snapped pics along the way.
Sunny but totally comfortable to run compared to our Malaysian humidity.
Sydney Opera House from another angle.
I am not alone. And thanx to fellow runners (total strangers) I managed to have my touristy pic against Harbour Bridge.
A touristy pic!!! 
The beginning of a lovely green run @ the Royal Botanic Garden. Run along the cove or zig zag through the park to admire the different gardens and plants. Armed with AUD10, one can grab a coffee and muffin break:D
Totally serene! Now worries about getting lost because there are clear road signs within the park itself.
Farm Cove
Art Gallery of NSW
St Anne's Cathedral

Day 2: I started off with part of Day 1's route but skipped the Royal Botanic Park. Instead I took the same route until Circular Quay and headed out to George Street before returning to Hilton. A total of 7.45km. Distance was a little lower as I was out the night before at Opera Bar. And the highlight of Day 2 was to have a short run at Bondi Beach in the evening before dinner! 
Furkids going for their runs. No pee poo on the roads as owners are a responsible bunch who clean up after their kiddoes.

A trip to Bondi Beach was not just to soak up the sun. Its a gorgeous beach to run along and ultimately you can reward yourself at the many restaurants and cafes along the beach. Since dinner plans was in the city, I rewarded myself with an ice cream to cool down after the run.
Run along the beach and get your legs wet.
Sunny but the water was cold!
Or stay dry and run along the gorgeous graffitis.
Hello from Bondi Beach! All sweaty and sunned from the short run.
Post run treat for AUD4.

Day 3: Ran around at Hyde Park. A nice green run doing loops around the park. 
Nagoya Garden at Hyde Park

Running is fun. Burns calories too so on your next holiday in Sydney or anywhere else, grab your trainers and head out for your run. Do share with me your fave cities to run in. Drop me an email to share your routes!

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