Magical Experience @ Kim Ma, Palace of the Golden Horses

Kim Ma @ Palace of the Golden Horses has reopened. The place still looks luxurious but has an added contemporary feel. Dining irregardless of whether its dim sum, Chinese cuisine or dessert is an experience that will leave one mesmerized. And if I may add...its a magical experience too!

Maestro Chef Roy Wong has created more delightful culinary treats to add to Kim Ma's menu. Contemporary, fusion yet its still essentially Chinese. Absolutely delicious, delightful and memorable! From Thursday to Sunday, diners will also be treated to additional fun with Illusionist and Mentalist Zlwin Chew. See him make you gold bars to bended forks, or even a platter of dim sum from a piece of will be smitten with charming Zlwin.
Chef Roy Wong and Zlwin present us our first dish of dim sum made from a piece of paper! I kid you not...and it tasted darn good!
脆 香 鸭 卷
Roll Duck Breast with Crispy Bean Curd
A lovely start to our lunch with a rich golden yellow bean curd roll filled with an appetizing duck breast to whet our appetite.
姜 蓉 鸡 肉 馄 饨
Poached Chicken Dumpling with Minced Ginger
Dumplings and dim sum make lovely canapes. Making them easy to eat without having to dip here and there like what Chef Roy did is a brilliant serving idea. What may seem like a usual chicken dumpling is steamed to make it soft and topped with some potent topping of finely chopped ginger and spring onions. Thanx to my loving lunch buddies, I had 3 very delicious pieces. *Burp*
黑 松 露 干 蒸 燒 賣
Steamed Prawn Dumplings with Truffle
Siu mai filled with prawn, meat and black mushrooms and topped with truffle and shrimp roe. Luxurious and absolutely delicious!
上 汤 胜 瓜 饺
Steamed Angled Luffa Dumplings with Superior Broth
One of my fave vegies is angled luffa. This preparation reminds me of a steamed Taiwanese preparation of steamed luffa that my late Godma used to make for me whenever I returned home for dinner. At Kim Ma, Chef Roy Wong combines prawn meat with angled luffa wrapped in a thin translucent wheat flour dough. Served in a bed of superior broth, this is definitely highly memorable!
肚 菌 百 花 鸡 扎
Steamed Chicken Roll with Morel Mushrooms
Familiar and comforting Hong Kong beancurd skin filled with meat and chopped morel mushrooms. Love the clean and earthy tasting sauce.
Deep Fried Yam Puff
Deep fried yam puff with fresh mushrooms is definitely my fave among the fried items. Thinly crisp on top and a creamy texture follows then a burst of flavours from the meat, peas and mushrooms. An old fashion favourite made better!

Baked Chicken Pie with Walnuts
In a glance, it looks like a walnut cookie. Surprise, surprise...this is a baked chicken pie with a rich pastry and rich chicken filling. Wouldn't mind a few more of this with a nice cup of coffee since it really taste more Western than Asian.
Pan Fried BBQ Bun with Preserved Vegetable 
An interesting touch to the usual BBQ pao. This has a crispy base and a fluffy yet dense bun that wraps a delightful filling of BBQ chicken. Reckon that we will be seeing many places following this preparation very soon. 
鱼 子 白 玉 炸 鮑 魚
Deep Fried Abalone with Grouper Fish Paste, Caviar and served with Homemade Bean Curd
Exquisite! The bean curd is not the usual ones that you would expect as its made fresh by Chef Roy himself. A rich beany taste and absolutely soft. Life gets better with with a generous piece of abalone and bouncy fish paste with caviar to seal the deal.
濃 雞 汤 炖 花 膠 瑤 柱 绣 球
Village Chicken Broth with Fish Maw and Dried Scallop and Prawn Dumpling
Double Boiled Whole Village Chicken Broth, Fish Maw, Dried Scallop and Prawn Dumpling
Golden goodness of slow boiled chicken broth that silenced my lunch buddies. We were mesmerized by the sweetness and flavours of this broth. It was definitely good on its own but trust Chef Roy that no expense is spared to make each meal in Kim Ma a luxurious affair. A soft and smooth fish maw unlike the usual fried (and dried) ones. Prawn dumpling wrapped with scallops...need I say more?
鳕 鱼 皮 蛋 粥
Congee with Cod Fish and Century Egg
For those who crave carbs, then the simple and hearty Calrose rice congee served with cod fish and century egg is a good end to a meal before dessert. 
椰 皇 杏 仁 露 燉 雪 蛤
Double Boiled Coconut with Almond and Snow Jelly
Anything with almond milk makes me a happy girl. The goodness of a rich almond milk with snow jelly to nourish the skin and lungs. Brilliant dessert to make up for my long hours under the sun.
Unlike the usual almond milk (or almond tea as some call it), this has a richer taste to it since its a combination of 3 types of almonds - ‘Nan’ Almond, ‘Bei’ Almond and American Almond.
雪 莲 南 瓜 露(热或冷)
Pumpkin Sweet Soup with Chick Peas
Different from the usual pumpkin dessert that we see in many restaurants as this is a protein rich blend of chick peas and pumpkin. Cold or taste absolutely delightful.

From now till 18 February 2015, guests who pend a minimum of RM300 at Kim Ma Restaurant will be entitled to a complimentary Mines Privilege Card which entitles you to discounts for your meals and stays at the Palace of the Golden Horses.

Kim Ma is now only available for private-dining and no longer open to walk-in customers on weekdays. Reservations must be made ahead of time and allow 2 days advance notice for Chef Roy's special menu.
• Weekdays 12-2:30pm (reservation required) &  6:30-10:30pm (reservation required)
• Weekends 10am-4pm (walk in possible)

Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant
Lobby level
Palace of the Golden Horses
Jalan Kuda Emas
MINES Wellness City
43300 Sri Kembangan
T: 603 8946 4888

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