Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014

Ran in the Malaysia Breakfast Day on 20 April 2014 with the hubster and some pals. An amazing gathering of over 20,000 who ran and gathered for breakfast with lots of yummy MILO®. 

A short drive to Putrajaya with ample parking definitely kicked start my Sunday on the right note. Runners were flagged off according to our own respective categories - 7km and 3km. Both distances are easily doable for everyone considering the fact that when we shop, we actually are capable of walking at least 4km! 

It was a nice sunny Sunday. The weather is a tad warmer in Putrajaya but kudos to MILO® Malaysia for putting together one of the best fun runs that I have ever had. Water stations, medics and direction signs were sufficient. What impressed me was to finish the run to be greeted by cheerful folks handing out medals, water, banana and goodie bags. Of course there was plenty of MILO® trucks at the finish line. 

And after a good run or walk...breakfast is of course a must. MILO® certainly did a good job of organising the Malaysia Breakfast Day which gave all participants a good time and along the wayeducate Malaysians both old and young the need for a healthy lifestyle with exercise and to start each day with a good nutritious breakfast.
Some pics from the Malaysia Breakfast Day below. Head on to my FB album Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014 for more pics. 
Fuelled by MILO
Tables are all set for participants to eat their breakfast comfortably.
Lining up to make our way to the starting line.
Lots of fun to keep everyone entertained before flagging off. Kudos to Linora for keeping the crowd entertained!
Smile for my camera!
And we're off. Pic courtesy of Run & Explore.
This adik doing his stretches after his run. Remember to stretch gently after a run to minimise soreness.
This adik says MILO is sedap!
That's me and a very delicious cup of cold MILO. Perfect after a run.
One of the many friendly adiks working at the MILO trucks.
This sweet girl walked 3km and is duly rewarded with a cup of MILO. Sedaps!

Remember to start your day right with a good breakfast. A delicious cup of MILO has all the right nutrition you need to fuel your day.  Remember to exercise too...its all part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle.

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