Old Tricycle BBQ Yong Tau Foo

Love yong tau foo? Then check out Old Tricycle BBQ Yong Tau Foo in Taman Desa for an interesting touch of BBQ to the usual yong tau foo. With 55 years to their name with their original stall Choon Kee in Pudu, a touch of BBQ sauce and a BBQ grill for one to play with their food is indeed interesting and quite a novelty.

What I like about the setup is its outdoor sitting. You have air movement even if the wind does not quite blow strongly. In fact I believe that it pretty much has the open air concept working to its advantage in view of the very popular (and my regular favourite Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ which is smack opposite Old Tricycle).

Kudos to the ol skool touch in the cutleries and the interesting serving on a large ratan basket. Certainly brings us back to some 55 years of street dining pleasures.

The menu is simple. Choose from any of the 3 sets is recommended then you add on the items that you like from the ala carte menu. Some interesting items definitely not seen in the usual Hakka Yong Tau Foo fare will be bacon! Yes, indulge in the goodness of Streaky Bacon with Pigskin and fish paste, Back Bacon with fish paste shaped like a dumpling or even Streaky Bacon with capsicum and fish paste. 

Our order arrives within 10 minutes of us ordering. Don't you love the ratan basket? RM45 for the above and 2 drinks. We opted for the RM30 set for 2 persons which comes with the fried fuchuk and the plate of yong tau foo. Extras that we ordered were the curry pigskin cheong fun, fried onion soya sauce cheong fun and a piece of tofu in soup.
A lil gripe of the fish filling. I wished it was a tad more generous. We are told that the fish paste is on a ratio of 70% yu kao (fish paste) and 30% kao yu (ikan tenggiri or Spanish Mackarel). My personal preference would be for the filling to be firmer.
The hubster is totally smitten with the way the drinks are served. Yeah...will go shop and serve him his morning smoothies in this soon! His choice of the freezy lime juice RM4.50 is a refreshing welcome after work and to whet our appetite. Anticipating that a BBQ and with bacon in the menu, I opted for the Chrysanthemum Red Tea RM1.20 to clear the palates.
Highly recommended and rather addictive will be this Curry Pig Skin with Dried Shrimps Cheong Fun RM3.90. I am not much of a curry fan but this is certainly one of my main highlights on our maiden visit to Old Tricycle.
Simple fried onion soya sauce cheong fun RM3.90.
Fried foo pei (beancurd skin) from the RM30 set. This is addictive and comes in handy while waiting for the other items to cook on the grill:D
Some of the yong tau foo before we start grilling. I could do without the BBQ sauce as it left a rather strong lingering taste in the mouth even when we have finished eating. Perhaps on my next visit I will ask them to go easy on the BBQ sauce.
Self service and this is the hubster's task. Its always the boys who enjoy playing with the BBQ grill anytime, anywhere. LOL.
Back bacon with fish paste. Looks like a dumpling (sui kow) and taste even better:P

The novelty of BBQ grilled yong tau foo is certainly fun. Take your time and savour the meal. Definitely a good place for chats while you nibble over yong tau foo. Similar to Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ, go early and enjoy your dinner while watching the skies change colour.

Old Tricycle Charcoal Barbecue Yong Tau Foo
Faber Plaza, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact no: +6012 218 1352
Open 6pm to 11pm.
Closed on Tuesdays.

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