Have a #BiggerBreak!

Are you guilty of overworking and neglecting yourself? Work will always be there. No denying that there will be days that work just doesn't seem to be ending. However, you must still take a break and make sure you take a break that counts. To do that, have a #BiggerBreak!

Research has shown and proven that we work without any breaks, we end up putting up lousy efforts. Its pretty much inefficient output. And if that is not bad enough, you are putting your own health at risk. Are you guilty of being a workaholic? Check out to see where you fall in the following infographic.
Stay sane. Give yourself a #BiggerBreak. Have a Kit Kat Chunky if you have not tried it before and now is the perfect time to have one for your coffee break!

Alternatively, take time off. A few minutes won't hurt. And some of my favourite daily breaks:
Taking part in contest! Check out Kit Kat's daily RM100 giveaway. Details on
I go for a run! Even if its a short 20 minutes run, breaking a sweat makes me feel much better and I imagine the wind blowing away my work stress. Fresh air also clears our mind and does wonders for the skin!
Catching up with friends. It really doesn't have to be for a run. Its always nice to play catch up with friends for a good chat (and gossip)
Plan for your next holiday getaway. It doesn't have to be a long getaway, a short one over the weekend is good for your soul. And when you plan for your break, it gives you something pleasant to look forward, Coincidentally, I am now planning my mini getaway to Gold Coast Australia with the hubster for me to run in the coming Gold Coast Airport Marathon GCAM14 and also for us to spend some quality time together which includes us shooting our  13th wedding anniversary album during the short getaway.
Enjoy a cuppa. It can be coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even a juice but take your time and savour the drink.
Indulge. A hand spa is good but if its expensive, fret not. Grab a girl friend and you can exchange hair massage!

Have a #BiggerBreak for your own sake. Head on to the following channels for more updates and also to see how I incorporate lil #BiggerBreak interludes into my daily life.