This and That: 25 May 2014

What's for breakfast, lunch or dinner? For me, I am still having rainbows for my daily meals except that for the last one week plus, its been a cocktail of drugs to regulate by blood count and also to treat my lung infection. What started off as as slight fever and headache turned out to be a viral fever, dengue and lung infection.

Its my 8th day of being grounded in bed. No runs, no work and strange taste buds. Not even candy crush! The cocktail of drugs especially the antibiotics for my lung infection and rash left me rather delirious the last few days. I recall the entire Friday feeling like an aluminium pouch and muttering things about being an aluminium pouch. No idea why an aluminium pouch but heck that's what too much meds do my brain.

As I pen this, I will confess that I am trying very hard to focus on my thoughts which is still fluttering here and there. So bear with me if you encounter any gibberish of whatever.

The 8 days has also been a big challenge for me. I am normally always on my feet. During the 8 days, I was lethargic, angry and restless. The night was always worse as I couldn't sleep. Perhaps I slept too much during the day:P 

Meal times were frustrating as I needed to eat every hour but it wasn't a full meal. I could stomach barely 2 tablespoon of food each time and everything tasted weird. Unless I ate a little every hour, I would end up throwing out. Lost count of how many times I vomited in the last 8 days. It didn't help that I had a date with the vampire every few hours.
I had my choice of either growing angry and frustrated. Or I could manoeuvre around my condition. And this is what #LifeHack is all about - the little hidden “secrets” to life that make life a little easier for us. Here's some of my fave #LifeHack that I gathered over the last few days:
(1) Weak. There is no running away from feeling weak and sluggish especially at this point of time when I am sick. So I opted for lots of liquid based food including juices, soups and Malta. These liquids contain nutrition to fuel my body while the constant hydration ensured that my body stayed cool - crucial in dengue cases. These drinks were also kept handy beside my bed so I could easily stretch it and grabs sips myself easily every few minutes.
A nicely chilled Malta is more than just a can of malt goodness with Vitamins B1, B3 and B6. It works well as a cold compress against my cheeks and forehead:D That's what I call #MaltaLifeHack

(2) I am unable to run for the next few days. One way of staying active is to make sure that I take the longest route possible to the washroom. I am also using my water bottles as weights for me to lift while sitting down in bed. Simple and gentle stretches also helps ensure that my muscles stay a supple so that I can regain my running finesse faster as soon as the doctors declare me ready to resume my runs.

(3) Skin has been extremely sensitized and to a large extent I think accumulated quite a bit of dead skin too. Rather than mope about that its itchy and scratching myself silly, I resort to using gentle and natural scrubs like the homemade ones by Be Good. I also finish off my shower with  a mix of essential oils to soothe and calm the skin.
Made of natural and organic ingredients with an expiry date too. This is made of 100% edible ingredients of oats and rice flour.
Tea tree oil and lavender oil are my faves oils in my final rinse. The oils works wonders to soothe the skin and the natural mood lifting effects of the oils really does wonders to cheer me up.

(4) If you like the outdoors and get a lot of mosquito bites, press a hot spoon to the bite to stop the itching. Alternatively you may also want to rinse the bitten area before applying the hot spoon.

(5) Problems with wrinkled clothes and you hate ironing? Just toss the offensive garment into the dryer with a few cubes of ice. Wait for it to tumble dry and you have wrinkle free clothes!

(6) Save yourself the trouble of clogged drains and pipe outlets. Make it monthly habit of flushing it with a mixture of 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar. Touch wood but I have not called a plumber for 13 years!

(7) Don't fret about having to scroll up a webpage using the mouse. Hold down the SHIFT button and tab SPACEBAR, you will be back to the top of the webpage!

(8) Add a drop of dish washing liquid and some water into your food processor. Run it for a few seconds and you will have a brand new food processor.

(9) Hate looking for the ends of sticky tapes? Use a paper clip to mark the ends.

(10) Lemons go further than just a glass of refreshing and detoxifying glass of lemonade. Keep the lemon peels and use them to deodorize your garbage bin, cabinets or even as a natural air refreshener for your rooms.

Life is short. No point fretting over things. So let's just kick off our shoes. Chill and life will be better, There's plenty of #LifeHacks around if you care to look.

Meanwhile, as I take my time to recover, bear with me that this blog will be quite silent. Its not easy to pen my thoughts. So head on to the following channels for more updates: