After almost 5 years of my almost waist long hair, I finally trimmed cut my hair short. Slightly above the shoulders and not the pixie look that I favour since my hair is naturally wavy and I am not exactly blessed with sharp features. Neither do I believe in wasting time playing with makeup to make my eyes look bigger or nose sharper every day. Friends are surprised but had you seen me after my trip to Club Med Bali, then you realised that my hair was rather badly damaged and I wanted a change. So round 1, it went short but I just wasn't all too comfortable. Thankfully the BloggeRestyle came along thanx to the folks at A Cut Above and Restyle+.

So off I went to the newly opened Restyle+ (and also equally newly opened NU Sentral) for my restyle. What troubled me was I am not too sure whether I want to cut my hair any shorter since the recent cut has given quite a few folks quite a heart attack. Having highlighted my hair equally recently, I knew my hair is definitely not suitable for another colour job. Rather nervously, I knew I was keeping my fingers crossed during my LRT ride that this sponsored restyle would be with a "sensible" stylist.

A short 5 minutes walk through KL Sentral and NU Sentral and I am at Restyle+ by A Cut Above. The usual no frills, clean and friendly service awaits me (actually this is one reason why I do favour A Cut Above for major hair overhauls).

Still undecided, I did post the following pic up on Instagram and Facebook whether I should go shorter. I had more NOs than anything else. Yes...I was amused. Had a chat with Gideon who thankfully speaks good English since I do speak a mix of Cantonese and Hokkien in one sentence when conversing in Chinese.  And he advised and we decided - mutual consenting relationship with your stylist is necessary for you to be satisfied with your makeovers - that my hair will be trimmed a little to give it more shape since my last cut was 3 weeks back. The highlights were still good and he agreed that it was a better way to camouflage my white hair that were like weeds everywhere instead of the usual full colour that people assumed is the best way to overcome white hair.

So what turns out next is almost 90 minutes of bliss. My hair is treated with AVEDA products. Session kicks off with a relaxing shampoo session. Then comes the treatment session to nourish and treat my locks for the sea water, chlorine and chemical damage that I subject my hair too. I am so wrong for thinking that it was just my locks that was getting some pampering. Some aromatherapy goodness with AVEDA Blue Oil that I rub on my palms and then breathe in deeply. A hand rub too... and all these before my locks gets chop off. 
Shampoo and head rub dub dub
AVEDA damage remedy for my abused locks
The steamer enhances the efficacy of the hair treatment. Note that this selfie is single handed...that's because the right hand was getting a massage.
AVEDA hand relief with a gentle massage to soothe the hands that was busy typing away at the office before I escaped for this pampering.
Honestly, I am too scared to take pics of stylist at work when they are holding the scissors, so I finally snapped a picture of Gideon when he was blowing my hair. He looks young but do not be deceived. This young boy definitely has good young looking genes in his family (I could not believe that his grandma who was also a trainer in her younger days with A Cut Above is actually in her 70s) but he started ever since he was a young school boy during his school holidays with A Cut Above and is definitely a very experienced stylist. He knew how to deal with my natural waves and damaged locks really well.
Post treatment and trim - back view
Side view...wavy eh? Apply some hair styling products and my hair can look curly easily!
Gideon and I. This look is a bit poofy and different from my usual tuck behind my ears style. But it will work for formal evening events if necessary.
A more casual look for my date with the hubby after the BloggeRestyle session.

Totally satisfied with the BloggeRestyle pampering. Head certainly feels lighter from the trim and aromatherapy session. Hair felt so soft that the first 2 weeks I finally had to resort to using wax to style my hair. LOL. Do I love it? Absolutely YES. And yes, I will be heading in again soon for another trim and hair treatment after abusing my hair again with my daily pool training. 
All these AVEDA products are available at Restyle+ 

And if you are toying with the idea of a restyle, why not hop over to Restyle+ by A Cut Above n NU Sentral. Its conveniently accessible by public transport like the LRT or you can always drive over too. For more info:

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